YouTube's online player and mobile applications will now showcase the “most viewed” areas of videos. The function was previously available only to YouTube Premium members, but it is now open to all users.

A graph that shows behind the progress bar will allow you to identify the most viewed areas of the film. “If the graph is high, that segment of the video has been played again a lot, and you can utilize the graph to easily discover and view those moments,” according to the business.


It's intriguing to consider how that may capture viewers' attention – or, more accurately, influence content makers and provide another clue for exactly what consumers want to see.

The functionality is being announced as part of a slew of improvements, some of which are brand new. This includes a new method for replicating segments of videos that debuted last year but were not formally revealed.
YouTube has established itself as the web's home for long-form films, but you can now compress that movie into bite-size packets or focus on it in your most viewed moments!

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