WhatsApp has made an official announcement that it has begun rolling out a feature that allows users to hide their “last seen” status from particular contacts. Additionally, users will soon be able to quit a group without informing the other members of the group.

In the upcoming version, WhatsApp will include the ability to select which contacts may view the “last seen” status.

Additionally, the app has just made an announcement on the availability of another helpful feature that enables users to quit groups in a stealthy manner.

At the moment, when a user quits a group, the program notifies each user in the group that the user is in the process of leaving. This may cause some members of the group to send private messages to the departing user in order to inquire about the reason for the user's departure.


The new function, which is the digital version of saying “Irish goodbye,” which is a euphemism for leaving a party without notifying anybody, is designed to make it less embarrassing to leave a group of people.

The business has stated that it would begin rolling out these two capabilities throughout this month. In addition, it is working on a method to stop users from capturing screenshots of messages that are only supposed to show once.

They are messages that vanish as soon as they are read by the user, but some people snap a screenshot of them. Therefore, providing a means to prohibit screenshots can help prevent users from saving critical information or sharing it with other people.

This functionality has not yet been released to the public, but WhatsApp has stated that it would begin distributing it to users “soon.”

It has been reported that WhatsApp has added a large number of other simple features this year. Some of these features include the ability for users to react to emojis, an increase in the speed at which voice messages can be sent, and the ability for Android users to transfer their chat history to an iPhone.

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