‘House of the Dragon’ Is Here on HBO

Several issues have been raised concerning the HBO Max streaming applications since they were introduced, including content that has not yet been distributed and video that has subsequently vanished.

In spite of this, they have typically held up well under the pressure of debuts for stuff like Tenet, Wonder Woman, The Matrix, or Westworld, albeit for HBO, there may not be anything like a Game of Thrones premiere.

Even though many viewers are able to stream the inaugural episode of the show's spinoff, House of the Dragon, without any issues, others have reported that the app crashed on them, or stopped up as it got through the pre-show teaser video.

It would appear that the majority of those experiencing issues are employing either the Amazon Fire TV platform or a Fire Stick, as seen by threads on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit.

It's not apparent why that app would be having issues, but if you're using it and still can't watch, you might want to try another one if you're dying to witness the Targaryens fight.

People have also claimed success by making a new profile on the device, especially if it is used as a primary streaming device.

Chris Willard, a spokesperson for HBO, confirmed via email to The Verge that "House of the Dragon" is currently being seen by millions of HBO Max users.

We're aware that some people are experiencing trouble connecting through Fire TV devices, and we're working to fix the problem for them.