Apple's M2 chip is 20% faster than the M1.

Apple recently unveiled its newest MacBook model, which is powered by the new M2 processor.

A performance benchmark has been leaked, revealing the M2 chip's superior performance over the previous generation M1 chip.

The information comes from a GeekBench benchmark of the recently announced 13-inch MacBook Pro, which was running on the M2.

The chip's clock speed is around 3.49GHz, which is higher than the 3.2GHz of the previous M1 chip generation.

M2 received a total of 1919 points on the single core exams and 8928 points on the multi-score exams.

In other words, the M2 chip outperformed the M1 in a single test, scoring 1,707 points compared to 7,419 for the M1.

In multi-core tests, the M2 chip outperformed the M1 by up to 20%. When looking at the GeekBench 5 listing, this basically means that the M2 is about 18 percent faster than the M1.

However, the M2 chip also scored 30,627 points on the Metal benchmark, which is slightly higher than the 21001 score it received.

Apple's new proprietary chips are currently only available on the new 2022 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro models.

Apple is expected to announce new models with the M2 in the near future.

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