Twitter is experimenting with a new shopping tool that allows users to sample new items before they are released. Product Drops is a feature that allows businesses to announce items before they go on sale, and buyers can sign up to be notified about them via in-app alerts.

In a message on Twitter, the business explained how the reminders operate, and buyers may sign up for notifications by clicking the Remind Me button. Product-related tweets can be liked, retweeted, bookmarked, and shared just like any other post on Twitter.

Consumers who opt to get reminders will receive a message 15 minutes prior to the product's release time, as well as at the precise time the product is launched. When it's time to purchase, users will be sent to a site where they may purchase the product by clicking the notification.

Testing is now restricted to iOS users in the United States who use Twitter in English. According to Twitter, early brand partners include Dior, The Home Depot, and the apparel retailer Union Los Angeles.


Shopping reminders on Twitter are comparable to offerings on other platforms, such as Instagram, where companies may preview new items and users can create reminders.

Despite the fact that e-commerce on Twitter isn't as popular as it is on Instagram, which has an entire tab dedicated to buying, buyers are already talking about future releases on Twitter. As a result, the new Twitter test includes a clickable hashtag associated with the product preview page, allowing shoppers to access product-related tweets.

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