The modular attachments on this ai robotic arm can 3D print, laser-etch, draw and assemble. It can be used to make anything from a prosthetic hand to a jet engine.

The modular attachments on the arm are designed to work in tandem with one another. They can be reconfigured depending on what task needs to be completed. For example, if the arm is 3D printing something, it will use the printer attachment while it is drawing or assembling something else with the pen attachment.

This robot arm is not only an innovative piece of technology but also an example of how robotics and AI are advancing more rapidly than ever before.

Ai Robotic / HUENIT

Like those modular robotic arms in the factory, HUENIT provides a simple and cost-effective solution to those who don't want to hassle with household tasks. It is perfect for those who not only want to save time, but also money as well.


HUENIT is a Ai Robotic arm and AI camera that can help you with your every day tasks, be on your side, and keep you safe. It is known to be easy to install, highly functional, and able to do almost anything for you. It has an attachable touchscreen and camera that can recognize objects, people and their voices. It also features a modular attachment system that lets you change HUENIT's modules with ease to perform activities like picking up objects.

HUENIT is an extremely versatile & capable robotic arm. It can reach distances of up to 390mm, has payloads of up to 750 grams and can rotate 200° (giving you great control over it). The arm supports 3 different hinges and can bend and move just like human arms do. With the correct modules, it's possible to program it to do almost anything you want. It connects via a touchscreen remote control or another object that uses the same communication protocol.

Sometimes we need a little extra help. The HUENIT Ai Robotic arm has a flexibly range of motion and it can do a lot on its own, but the arm is not able to flexibly connect with anything else. That’s where HUENIT’s modules come in handy. These little helpers are known to have the ability to add specific capabilities to the arm so that you are able to get everything you need, all at once.

The HUENIT 3D printing module allows you to print on any surface without hassle. It automatically levels the extruder right from the start of a job.

HUENIT is an innovative 3D printer that has the ability to print on any surface without hassle. The HUENIT 3D printing module allows you to print on any surface without hassle. It automatically levels the extruder right from the start of a job, and it comes with a spool-less filament cartridge system for easy loading. It's also compatible with Windows and Mac computers and

A laser engraving module comes with a 2500 watt laser that can cut through an even wider range of materials, including leather, paper, fabric, and even anodized aluminum.

For those who sketch as a hobby, the HUENIT is a must-have. It provides you with a simple, yet effective pen-holder arm that allows you to create as many sketches as you desire without having to re-create the same piece of art over and over. This saves you time and is very efficient in the long run!

This 3D printer comes with a wide range of different modules such as a vacuum module, soft gripper and so much more.The HUENIT is as versatile as they come – you can use it to hold your phone or make video less shaky, and it does all this without having to do something more complex.

This robotic arm can work on its own, but it also has a built-in AI camera that can recognize people and objects. For example, you can use it to sort coins or LEGO blocks. HUENIT's emotive center comes with a display that mimics cartoonish eyes which will help him become your new favorite companion.

The HUENIT robotic arm runs on 24 V. It's got its own SD card, USB-C input and connectivity to WiFi or Bluetooth. It works on Windows, MacOS, and Chromebooks. It's the perfect tool for creative professionals who need a versatile tool, such as makers, tinkerers, programmers and other programmers. Photographers and videographers can also benefit from using this innovative app. You can get the HUENIT basic package for $649 or the entire kit with all modules and AI camera for $879. Worldwide shipping is available and your friendly robotic arm will arrive at your home/office soon.

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