On Wednesday, Sony aims to update the PlayStation 5 and PS4 with new features. If you want to view these capabilities on your console, you'll have to first sign up for the system software beta program.

Sony said Tuesday in a blog post that party chat, voice commands, and other new capabilities will be available on the PS5 and PS5 software beta on Wednesday. This is the second software beta for the PlayStation 5, and it will only be offered to beta testers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The party chat tool is one of the most significant improvements. Gamers will be able to host open parties where everyone may participate, or closed parties where only those who have been invited can attend. There's also a new visual display that shows which party member is speaking.

The beta will also include voice instructions. Users may say “Hey, PlayStation” to access games, applications, and settings on the system, as well as control media playback. According to Sony, the function is only available in English. Those who do not want their voice to be recorded have the option to opt out.


Another addition to the PlayStation 5 is the ability to retain up to five games and applications on the home screen rather than having them go after you've played other apps and games. The number of spaces on the home screen has been increased to 14, bringing the total to 14.

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