Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola, recently tweeted what seems to be a fuzzy image of a rendering of a new automobile under development.

Ola electric's CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, tweeted a photograph of a sedan in the works, which might be the company's second vehicle launch.

An picture of a hatchback was previously displayed, which was a render of a new hatchback.

We anticipate that the first automobile will be the aforementioned hatchback, which will be available at a reasonable price, with other goods such as the sedan following.


The automobile appears to be a luxury midsize sedan with a huge battery, according to the renderings.

The automobiles would feature a big battery pack, similar to the Ola S1 electric scooter, which would enable faster acceleration and longer range.

There would be several body designs available, including an SUV, in addition to the sedan.

The exact specifics are unknown, but the first Ola electric car will feature the biggest battery pack available at an affordable price, giving it a range advantage.

Within the 25 lakh price band, the Nexon EV Max and the MG ZS EV are now the most economical alternatives with the biggest battery pack.

While developing and marketing an electric scooter is one thing, making and selling an electric vehicle is considerably more challenging.

However, the S1 arrived on the market ahead of time, and the Ola electric car will also arrive ahead of schedule by the end of next year.

The S1 has gotten a lot of press and has surpassed other scooters in sales, but in the vehicle sector, competition is already fierce.

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