It's a megaton: The Last Of Us, arguably the most recognizable modern PlayStation classic, is coming to PC. This takes the shape of the game's long-rumored remake, which is unnecessary but nonetheless cool.

The most amusing thing is the ludicrous name they gave it: as a result of the sequel, the first game will now be known as The Last Of Us Part 1.

The Last of Us PC

Okay, putting the absurd names aside, this game is fantastic. The Road-inspired, it follows Joel and Ellie as they travel across a perilous post-apocalyptic United States.

Joel's responsibility is to transport Ellie securely to the appropriate people because her blood might hold the key to the treatment for whatever virus caused this.


I suggest playing it if you haven't already. The announcement of the game was somewhat botched: it was leaked by Sony's own PlayStation Direct website, and ResetEra scooped up the listing before it was removed.

Godspeed, internet! For the time being, the trailer is still available here(opens in new tab); I'll update with that when it's officially revealed.

The listing specifically mentions that it will launch on PS5 on September 2 and is being developed on PC. So maybe don't hold your breath on it this year, but that's a declaration of intent.

The Last of Us PC

The listing describes this as “a comprehensive overhaul” of the original, promising “better effects and increased exploration and combat” in addition to “faithfully reproducing the gameplay, improved controls, and additional accessibility choices.”

The Last of Us has already undergone a remaster, but I suppose this is now the fate of any sufficiently well-known and popular game. Following the success of games like God of War and Spider-Man, Sony has stated that it would be making a significant push on PC. This indicates that exciting times are truly coming.

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