343 Industries revealed in a roadmap update issued Friday that the Halo Infinite co op campaign will be launched sometime in August 2022, following repeated delays. One of the features that didn't make it within Infinite's December 8th release deadline was campaign co-op.

343 claimed at the time that the mode will be released three months after the game's launch, along with the game's season two update. Season two was initially postponed until May 3rd, and 343 later said that campaign co-op would not be accessible when the season began.

The company has now said that network co-op will be released in August, with split-screen co-op arriving even later. As a result, you'll have to wait to invite a friend over to play the game on a single television.

Couch co-op will not be accessible until season three, which begins on November 8th, according to the roadmap 343 released. Furthermore, that's only a hunch, with a notation on the roadmap stating the precise release date.


If there is a silver lining to the news, it is that 343 plans to offer a feature that enables you to relive campaign missions in August. In addition, the company plans to launch an open beta for Forge mode in September.

The delays are sure to anger Infinite's already irritated playerbase even more, but Joseph Staten, the game's head of creative, emphasised that 343 is doing everything it can to provide new features as rapidly as possible while also safeguarding its team's health.

“We understand that we need to provide more content and functionality faster,” Staten added. “Keeping priority zero implies slowing down now and then in order to stay healthy and go quicker afterwards.” But we're also looking for methods to speed things up.”

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