Making NFTs might be a challenge for some, especially if you've been inspired by a set of collections, such as the well-known Cyberpunk or Bored Apes. You could find that the quantity of information in such photographs is (sometimes) excessive, and that replicating them with design tools is challenging.

Especially if you're simply using your phone to make photographs that will be sold in the NFT format later. So follow us to know the 7 best NFT apps for iPhone and Android.

1. NFT Creator

NFT Creator

Introducing the NFT Creator App! Only the iOS version of the app is available. In the NFT Creator app, of course! NFTs may be made in several different methods. To begin, you may use a collection of filters, add-ons, and Edits to draw the NFT directly in the app.

You can input and alter application pictures in order to convert them to NFT images. Second, the program has over 100 templates for creating various NFTs, which allow you to design a certain style of characters and have the app generate hundreds of templates based on that style. Finally, you can make movies and then export them as GIFs, which you can then upload as NFT later.


This program stands out because it provides hundreds of tools and components (such as animals, symbols, characters, and natural elements such as flowers and birds), as well as thousands of fonts and backdrops. You may mix and match these elements to create your own NFT masterpiece. Then remove it and make it public. Although the software is free, you will need to join up for a premium account in order to extract photographs or access other features.

2. SuperMe

best NFT apps, SuperMe

Although it is not expressly designed for NFT, it is used by a significant number of users to build avatars or characters that can then be sold as NFT on the network. SuperMe is an app that allows you to design an Avatar or iconic figure by carefully picking each detail.

Define hairstyles and colors, as well as the eyes, nose, mouth, clothing, backdrop, and skin tone, and compare them to other traits. Finally, you may save that avatar as a picture, which you can then convert into NFT format and sell on a website that sells NFTs.

3. GoArt – Art NFT Creator

GoArt – Art NFT Creator

One of the most well-known programs in the field of NFT design, with versions for Android and iOS. The software is free, however there are some in-app purchases. The app's concept is simple: you upload your own photographs or designs, and it tells you the filters you can use to turn them into a bundle of distinct images that can be arranged as an NFT bundle.

Then you may download it to your smartphone and begin the technically more challenging job of uploading your material created using the app to one of the NFT platforms and sites.

One of the app's drawbacks is that it's limited in the free edition if you don't have a premium subscription, which restricts the app's functionality. If you're serious about NFT, paying for a prepaid account isn't a bad idea; you may make your money back twice if you sell several designer boards through the app.

4. Sketchar


Sketchar is an NFT app for those who feel NFT art to be too simplistic. Sketchar will not only teach you how to draw, but it will also allow you to create your own art, mint it as an NFT, and sell it on the app's marketplace.

Augmented reality training is used in the app. You can follow line art by holding your phone over a piece of paper and staring at the screen. Tracing the lines is a great way to learn how to draw. Many traditional painters utilize a similar technique to expand their art from doodles to drawings.

If you want to make your own art, the app includes a sketching tool and a digital canvas, as well as the ability to generate AI art from photographs and Snapchat AR masks. Sketchar includes everything you need to make NFT art on the fly.

Sketchar features its own NFT marketplace where you can purchase and trade NFTs, including Martians 888 NFTs, which are exclusive to the app. When you make your first sale, the app developer will take 5% and 1% of every subsequent transactions. However, this money is donated to the Sketchar Creator Foundation, which helps artists and initiatives.

5. 8bit Painter

8bit Painter

In today's App Store, 8bit Painter is the finest pixelated image maker. Many popular NFTs feature the pixelated picture style, therefore 8bit Painter is a good choice if you want to produce one.

All you have to do now is make a new canvas and select a size. The sizes range from 16×16 to 160×160, with 16×16 being the smallest. The more pixels the art contains, the greater the size. Pixel art is generally 16×16 or 32×32 pixels in size.

You may also use the program to convert photos into pixel art. You can convert an NFT into pixel format if you make it using one of the other programs provided. You may also use photos as templates and change them to make your own designs.

6. PixelChain


PixelChain is the greatest NFT creator pixel art around, thus we're happy to bend the rules for them. Although this is a browser-based program rather than an iOS app, it allows you to create pixel art, mint it on the Ethereum blockchain, and sell it on OpenSea all in one spot.

PixelChain is really simple to use. To paint your pixel masterpieces on, the art maker provides a basic 32×32 or 64×64 grid. There's also a mirror mode to help you get things done faster. Minting on the blockchain is as simple as clicking the save symbol and following the instructions once you've connected a crypto wallet.

The creator is in the early phases of developing the software and has a precise roadmap of future features planned for 2022, including the capacity to generate animations, voxel art, and music. If you enjoy pixel art, you should read our tutorial on how to get started with pixel art or go through the pixel art samples we've accumulated.

7. NinjaFT


NinjaFT is one of the most popular and user-friendly apps for creating NFTs on your iPhone. This is largely due to the fact that it runs on the Binance Smart Chain platform, which is one of the most well-established, secure, and cost-effective networks that doesn't need you to utilize a specific NFT marketplace.

NinjaFT is a mobile app that allows you to produce NFTs on your phone. This means you can'mine' an NFT from it – register it on a blockchain – but you won't be able to generate the original art, so you'll have to first upload an image to your phone. You may also use the app to purchase and sell NFTs on the market, as well as save NFTs to your collection.

NinjaFT packs may be purchased for $4.99/£4.99 through the app and utilized in a planned NinjaVerse. The app's developer is also guaranteeing NFT airdrops to app users. However, you're here for the mobile NFT maker, so this is only a diversion.

NinjaFT not only includes an NFT crypto wallet in the software, but it also allows you to link your current crypto wallets to it. This provides a level of flexibility and utility that other mobile apps lack.

What does minting an NFT mean?

Minting a Non-Fungible Token means to create a digital representation of a physical asset that is uniquely identifiable on the blockchain.
The term “minting” is derived from the idea that the process of creating an NFT is a lot like the process of minting coins, where you take a physical asset and convert it into something that has value.

What can I turn into an NFT?

It may be anything, but digital art, music, video game goods, digital collectibles, and even a Tweet are frequent NFTs. A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a one-of-a-kind digital asset with a single owner that is recorded and monitored on a cryptocurrency blockchain. (Before you transform anything into an NFT, you must hold the intellectual property rights.)

Can I make an NFT on my phone?

Yes, apps like Sketchar, NinjaFT, and Go Art provide art creation tools as well as NFT minting services all in one spot. Other apps, like as NFT Go, allow users to mint pre-made art as NFTs on a blockchain and distribute it across different platforms.

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