With the increased use of smartphones, charging cables are more crucial than ever. While you may easily buy an iPhone charger, finding a Samsung charger is more difficult. When buying for an iPhone or Samsung charger, there are other more aspects to consider, such as cable length and power output. We've produced a list of our top 7 best charging cables for iPhone and Samsung 2022 to make your decision simpler.

Our Top 7 Best Charging Cables for iPhone & Samsung 2022.

Amazon Basics New Release Nylon


Amazon Basics Nylon Braided Lightning to USB Cable, worry-free Lifetime warranty and dedicated Amazon customer service. MFi-certified cables provide a safe and stable charging solution for your devices. Wide-diameter wires and reduced cord resistance maximize charging speed (supports up to 2.4 amps charging current).

Ximytec iPhone Charger Cable


Extra-long 10FT iphone charger cords make charging more convenient, without sticking to the wall socket, and can be easily charged in different occasions such as home, travel, office, etc. MFi-certified connector ensures fast, stable and safe charging, and perfectly solves the heating problem. Compatible with the all Iphones.

Sweguard USB-A to USB-C Charger


The Last 10X Stronger and Perfect USB Type C Cable is conforming to the USB Type-C Specification version 1.1, 56kilohm, which ensures a safe charging at 3.1A Maximum. Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra/S20 Ultra /S10/S10E /S9/S9 plus/.

Apple 10ft Extra Lightning Charging Cable


We have folded this cable more than 9,000 times and have seen no damage or change in performance. Charging & Data Sync: The cable looks very well and firmly attach the phone,charging and data transfer at a fast speed on your devices. Safety material: Charge safe, non-polluting, friendly customer service.

Anker Powerline+ II Lightning Cable


One of the toughest cables ever created, with tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 lbs. MFi certified for flawless compatibility with Lightning devices, ensuring the highest possible charging speeds. Charge from clear across the room while relaxing with an extended 10-foot range. A hassle-free lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service.

CyvenSmart USB-C Charger


3 PACK USB c charging cables support safe high-speed charging and fast data transfer (480Mbps) for Samsung Galaxy S22/S22 Ultra, Galaxy Note 9 8, Plus/S8+, LG G6, Nexus 5X, Lumia 950, ZTE Axon 7, Moto Z2 play, Sony Xperia XZ, HTC U11/10, Nokia N1 and other USB type c cable device. 【Usb 2.0 Charging & Data Transfer】3 PACK usb c charging cables support safe high-speed charging and fast data transfer (480Mbps).

MFi Certified iPhone Charger


YEFOOT iphone charger cable 5Pack with Lifetime Replacement & 24*7 friendly customer support. MFi Certified iPhone Charger with fast Charging end, ensured safe charging for your devices. Designed and built with only premium materials, it has been tested to withstand 12000 cycles of 95 degree bend and 10000 plugging and unplugging.

The power output

The power output is an important factor to consider when purchasing a charging cable for your iPhone or Samsung. The higher the wattage, the faster the charge. A compatible iPhone charger will typically have a voltage of 5V/1A and a wattage of 500-1000Watts. For Samsung chargers, there are many options ranging from 1V/0.5A to 12V/2A with wattages from 200- 1500 Watts.

The length of the cable

The cable length is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a charger. If you want to charge your phone on the go, you need a long cable. A long cable will let you charge your phone without having to remove it from your bag or backpack.

A shorter cable will work well if you plan on staying close to home and charging at night when you’re not using your phone. A short cable will also help reduce the strain on your battery life by keeping your device charged throughout the day.

If you have a Samsung and an iPhone, it may be helpful to purchase both cables for different scenarios.

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