Are you looking for the best cell phone service? Tello has been a great cell phone service for me. It’s hard to find a cell phone company that offers everything that Tello does. The only real con with Tello is the fact that it’s not unlimited, but with their plans, this isn’t a big deal. When you are deciding on your next cell phone company, be sure to give Tello a shot.

What is Tello?

Tello is a cell phone service provider that offers unlimited talk, text, and data. There are no contracts or hidden fees. All the prices are on their website and transparent. They offer a flexible plan with an affordable monthly rate that doesn’t get more expensive after the first year. You also have the option to pay one time for your device and trade in your old one later on if you want to upgrade.

By using Tello, you can get a new phone every year without having to worry about spending too much money on upgrading your plan. In addition, you can still use your old phone with them as long as it’s not broken or damaged beyond repair.

Tello features

One of the big reasons that I love Tello is because they offer a lot of different features. For starters, they have great coverage in the United States and Canada because they use Sprint’s network. They also have some of the best international calling rates. If you travel internationally a lot, then this is definitely something that you should consider.


And if you are wondering about the quality of their service, it’s not too shabby either. They offer unlimited texting and talk time and the call quality is pretty good as well.

Tello also offers extras such as free calls to friends from your phone (even internationally) or using their voice-to-text feature while driving. With all these features and more, it’s no wonder why so many people love Tello!

The pros and cons of Tello

The pros of Tello are that it is affordable, has good coverage, and offers great customer service. The cons of Tello are that it isn’t unlimited, the customer service isn’t as good as other cell phone companies, and they don’t offer a lot of choice in their plans.

If you want to try out Tello, then you should definitely do so. If you want to stick with one company for your cell phone needs and get great coverage and customer service along with some decent data packages and calling features, then Tello is the way to go. You can also check out their website for more information about what they offer.

Verdict on Tello

Tello is a great cell phone company. They offer a wide range of plans and even have international data usage options. The only thing I would say could be better is the fact that it’s not unlimited, but with their plans you really don’t need to worry about using up all your minutes. While Tello isn't for everyone, for those looking for a cell phone service that offers everything, Tello should definitely be on your list of contenders.

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