Lionsgate owns Starz, which is a high-end subscription service. Starz, like HBO and Showtime, creates original programming while also providing a film and television collection that includes both current releases and classics. Starz Encore and MoviePlex are two sibling networks of Starz 2022. Starz established its own streaming service in 2016, in reaction to HBO and Showtime's respective offerings. At $8.99 per month, it was less expensive than both. There are many Starz on-demand movies and iconic TV series in its repertoire. Original shows including action, drama, crime, comedy, and science fiction are also available on the site.

Starz plans and pricing

Starz is available as a stand-alone subscription. Amazon Prime Video, AT&T TV, Hulu, Sling TV, and YouTube TV are among the streaming providers that offer it as an add-on. The cost of a Starz add-on membership varies depending on whatever streaming service you choose.

Free trial length7 days
Number of TV shows and films150+ shows, 1,250+ movies
Offline downloadsYes
Streaming qualityHD

Starz compared to other TV services:

StarzShowtimeHBO MaxAmazon Prime Video
Starting monthly price$8.99/mo.$11/mo.$10/mo.$9/mo
Free trial length7 days30 daysN/A30 days
On-demand content?YesYesYesYes
DVR storageNoNoNoNo
Streaming qualityUp to HD 1080pUp to HD 1080pUp to 4KUp to 4K

In terms of cost, it is clearly the greatest option when compared to other premium channels and services such as HBO Max and Showtime. Not only is it less expensive right away than the other alternatives, but you might be able to get it even cheaper if you acquire it as an add-on to your cable or other subscription plan.

Starz also has a range of original content that you won't find anywhere else (though the wildly famous Outlander is now available on Netflix, but not live as on Starz), and you can typically test it out for free for seven days with no commitment to continue if you change your mind.


Add-ons and Starz content:

Starz has a good selection of TV series and movies, and while you would think of Starz as a single channel, it really encompasses numerous channels, including the following:

starz 2022

Starz Features:

Services for DVRs

One thing to keep in mind is that Starz streaming does not have its own DVR storage, so if you subscribe to Starz without using another streaming provider, you may be without DVR entirely. You can record and save Starz material if you've added it to a subscription service with a DVR, such as Hulu + Live TV or YouTube TV.

Simultaneous Streams

when two or more streams are running at the same time.
Starz streaming may be seen on up to four devices at the same time. We appreciate seeing such a large number since it implies the service is extremely beneficial to families. It makes no difference whether four people are in four different rooms, using four different devices, and viewing four different shows.

You may even begin watching a show on one device, pause it, and resume it on another device. You can also view what's airing live if you have a Starz subscription, which is ideal if you're watching Starz originals and want to catch them the day they broadcast.


Sports, on the other hand, are absent from Starz's schedule. Starz is primarily a movie, television program, and documentary channel, and so does not broadcast live sports. Though there are several popular sports-themed series and movies on the network, there are no actual games or contests.

Downloads that can be done offline

Customers may download titles to view offline, just as many other streaming services. To download Starz titles, go to the Starz streaming app and select the title you want to download. Once it's downloaded, go to the Starz menu and search for those titles to watch offline.

Starz Supported Devices:

Many of your favorite devices may be used to access Starz, making it an appealing alternative for many viewers. The Sony PlayStation is the only significant device absent from Starz's list of supported devices. The following is a complete list of devices that are supported:

  • iPhone, iPad, & iPod with iOS 10.3 or higher
  • Kindle Fire Tablet 2014 and newer with Fire OS 5 or higher
  • Kindle Fire phones
  • Most Android devices with Android 5 or higher
  • Apple TV 3rd generation and Apple TV 4th generation running tvOS 9 or higher
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick
  • Nexus Player
  • NVIDIA Shield
  • Razer Forge
  • Roku 2, 3, and 4 (second generation)
  • Roku stick
  • Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox One 
  • Select Sony TV's 2014 and newer with Android 5 or higher
  • Select Samsung Smart TVs 2014 and newer with Smart Hub
  • LG TVs with WebOS 3.0 or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 10 or newer
  • Apple OSX 10.5.7 or newer
  • Current versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari


Starz provides thousands of TV program episodes and movies (over 7,500) at a reasonable price. It also has award-winning titles in addition to its appealing original material. Starz is a terrific alternative if you want to expand your streaming library with a fresh assortment of movies.

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