Windows 11 is a great operating system and it has many amazing programs that you will love. In this article, we are going to mention some of the most popular Softwares for Windows 11 and why you should install them.

File Centipede Windows 11 Software :

File Centipede Windows 11 Software :
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It is a new program to manage the process of downloading files to your computer in an easy way and provides all the features you need to download any file from the Internet. File Centipede is completely free and works without installation on the device (Portable) whether it is Windows or Linux. The program is very simple and comes with a graphical interface that is very familiar if you have ever used any download manager such as the famous IDM, there are categories for accessing downloaded files, files being downloaded, it displays the current connection speed and links for each file…etc.

Once you download the File Centipede run file, double-click on it and the main window will appear. Click on Add and add the direct link to the file you need to download, knowing that the program always works in the background to capture any download link that you copy while browsing the Internet and then offers you the option to download the file through it, just click “Download Now” and the download process will start on immediately.

The program comes with really amazing features! In addition to the ability to download any file in any format from the Internet, File Centipede can also download files using the Bittorrent protocol. Just copy the torrent file link or press Add and choose the same file if it is on your device and the download will start.

In addition to that it supports automatic downloading from browsers, where you can install the program extension available for both Google Chrome and Firefox to replace the integrated download manager with the browser, but you will need to install this extension manually, which finds its file under the “browser_extensions” folder among the folders of the File Centipede program .


There are also plenty of settings you can change for the best experience such as specifying a folder to save new downloads, file types to monitor and offer the option to download, maximum number of simultaneous connections and speed limit, among other options. In general, it is a very useful program worth trying if you are tired of traditional paid programs to get many features for free besides that it is light on the device.

My Folder Online Windows 11 Software :

My Folder Online Windows 11 Software
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It comes with a very cool idea to share files, even entire folders on your computer in a hassle-free manner. My Folder Online is completely free software and, as the name suggests, makes any folder you choose available online for others to browse directly from their devices through a custom link that you share with them yourself. The program has a simple graphic interface that has been designed with ease of use in mind, and does not need to record data of any kind.

After booting, all you have to do is specify the path of the folder you want to share under the “Folder path” field, then activate the “Online” option, and the folder is ready to browse its contents from anywhere. The program automatically creates a link that you can copy by pressing “Copy Fast Link” and then distribute it to share the contents of this folder with others.

Opening this link (within any web browser) will lead to a page of the program where you can see the contents of the folder in an ordered list, and you are free to download any file of your choice, there is also an option to download the entire contents of the folder by pressing “Download zip” and you can even Even preview photos and documents without downloading, and if you want to share a specific file only from that folder, you can right-click on it and choose “Copy Link” and you will get a direct link to download that particular file.

In general, My Folder Online is one of the most powerful programs that we have tried in the recent period, as it provides a very convenient way for users to freely share their files and folders instantly, all for free and without any hassle. It is also available for Windows, Linux and Mac systems.

Hitomi Downloader Windows 11 Software :

Downloader Windows 11 Software
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A very cool and versatile program for downloading all images and videos from various websites, converting, resizing, and much more for free. Hitomi Downloader has the advantage that it supports a large variety of sites that offer the ability to share photos, videos, and music clips on the Internet, and allows you to download any content from them to your device in the highest possible resolution with one click.

Hitomi Downloader comes with a graphical interface that is easy to work with, in addition to being a portable program which means that it works without installation. Double click on the playback file and paste the link of the content to download from supported sites like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Soundcloud, Twitter… The list is quite long and you can check it out for yourself.

After adding the link, click on the “Download” button and the download process will start immediately. The program also has the ability to scan the content of the link so that if it includes multiple images and videos, it will download them all to your device. You can later preview the downloaded content from the main interface or go to the file path.

The settings of the program are generous in terms of the freedom they give the user, as you can change the dimensions and exclude certain types of files when downloading, as well as change the formats of images before downloading them. You can make the program compress and archive your photos to facilitate storing them so that they do not take up much space on the storage unit, and you can also activate the feature to identify and download torrent files through it. Moreover, users can set a password to lock and protect the program, and it includes the Duplicate Image Finder function to get rid of duplicate images you download.

All in all, Hitomi Downloader is an amazingly versatile program, capable of saving images, videos, and audio from a variety of websites to your device, for free, in an easy and fast way.

Softwares for Windows 11 NiceScaler:

NiceScaler Windows 11 Software:
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It is a free program for Windows that uses artificial intelligence to enlarge small images, along with videos without losing quality or pixelation and ensuring clarity of image details. NiceScaler makes the user take advantage of the capabilities of their computer, specifically resources such as the processor and the graphics card, to have the help of artificial intelligence in increasing the resolution of any image and video.

The program has a user-friendly interface and explains to the user well what each available option does. All you have to do is run it and drag and drop the image you want to enlarge into the window. The program supports JPG, PNG, TIF, BMP, WEBP, MP4, WEBM, MKV, FLV, AVI and MOV video formats.

After adding the file, select the AI ​​method you would like to use to improve the image resolution, from FSRCNN, ESPCN, and LapSRN, knowing that each method gives different results and may be better than others in some cases, so try all methods if you don't get the result Expected from the first experience. Next, choose how many times to maximize, for example, you can double the resolution of the image by two times (x2) or four times (x4). Once done, decide whether you want to use the graphics card (GPU) or processor (CPU) to handle AI tasks.

Finally, press “Upscale” to start the image zoom process which usually takes less than a minute, but it is different with videos because it needs to zoom in on all video frames individually. So depending on the size of the video, this may take a long time. You will eventually get a new, larger, clearer copy in the same folder as the original image followed by x2 or x4 in the name to distinguish it.

Password Folder Windows 11 Software :

Password Folder Windows 11 Software
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A program that is an addition to the file management system in Windows, where Password Folder helps you to protect any folder with a password in a jiffy, and what distinguishes it is simplicity, speed and light size on the device. With it, folders including those larger than 100GB can be password protected within 2 seconds.

It is considered appropriate to protect the data on shared computers, that is, those used by more than one person. Once a folder is secured with a password, no one will be able to find out its contents without entering the password.

One of the advantages of Password Folder is that once you apply protection to a folder, it becomes impossible to copy it to another volume or share it online! until you decrypt it. You can also add the Password Folder option to the right-click menu so that users can protect a regular folder by right-clicking on a folder without having to open the program from the Start menu.

Opera Crypto Browser Windows 11 Software :

Opera Crypto Browser Windows 11 Software :
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It is a new Internet browser that aims to put the user on the right path to keep up with everything that is happening in the world of cryptocurrency and is considered one of the first browsers prepared for the next generation of the Web (Web 3.0). Opera Crypto is one of the new generation browsers that has managed to bring the future closer, so to speak. Unlike traditional browsers, this browser offers new and exciting tools for those interested in cryptocurrency or experimenting with Web 3.0 and understanding blockchain technologies.

You can use Opera Crypto to surf the internet normally but there are some important additions like a sidebar that gives instant access to messaging and chat apps like Discord and Telegram as well as a separate media player and a section for checking out the latest news from user-selected sources. Thanks to the browser's focus on being configured for Web3, the browser brings other interesting add-ons, without compromising on speed, due to its reliance on the Chromium kernel.

Among these additions is the so-called Crypto Corner which is a static page that allows you to see the latest news related to Blockchain and cryptocurrency to keep up with the development of the cryptocurrency market and prices and learn about new gas fees with the availability of videos and other educational content about trading, mining and more, all in one one place

. The browser also comes with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, allowing you to manage your wallet and personal assets without the need to use an external wallet, as it is equipped with all the features that you will need during your daily transactions.

Like other Opera browsers, you can enjoy enhanced privacy in Opera Crypto thanks to the browser's VPN, ad blockers, and built-in trackers. So, you will definitely get a unique browsing experience as soon as you try this browser.

SophiApp Windows 11 Software :

SophiApp Windows 11 Software :
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This software is designed to be a one stop shop for tweaking all the important settings in Windows in a simple and fast way. SophiApp is completely free and aims to help customize Windows settings easier via a compact and clear control panel. Whether we're talking about appearance, privacy or security settings, it's all within easy reach via the SophiApp window.

The Privacy section is the first section that appears before you when you launch the program where users can customize Microsoft's privacy options in a very in-depth manner. The Windows data collection process can be modified to the most precise levels, which would be difficult to reach without this software. For the other sections, the accuracy with which the settings are customized remains constant. Personalization allows you to change the general appearance of Windows, while System provides the ability to tweak settings related to your computer's performance: various Windows features can be turned on or off with a single click.

But the Scheduled Tasks section is the most important where users can schedule Windows Cleanups to clear unnecessary temporary files and folders and free up storage space. The UWP Apps section also allows you to delete pre-installed applications from Microsoft.

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