In a press statement, Samsung stated that it would begin rolling out the open beta version of the latest version of its user interface, One UI 5, based on Android 13, in the coming weeks.

The option to personalize the lock screen and several modes of activities that assist filter alerts and what may bother the user depending on the purpose he is performing is one of the most essential additions arriving in the new edition. What is noteworthy, and maybe frustrating to some, is that it is more feature-rich than iOS.

The lock screen customization function in One UI 5 works similarly to that of Apple devices; simply set and hold on the lock screen and you will find choices to alter the wallpaper and the appearance of the clock, as well as the ability to make a wallpaper from short movies.

Samsung stated that there are several wallpapers to pick from for both the home and lock screens, and that the wallpapers offer new color options and overall optics.



Samsung Routines has been enhanced to accommodate new instances when you begin automating a procedure, such as connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot or enabling airplane mode. However, there is a new feature called ‘Modes,' which is meant to filter off distractions when doing an activity like as sleeping or working, similar to iOS's Focus Mode.

The widgets system in the Samsung One UI 5 interface will also be updated, with the addition of the new Smart Suggestion tool, which will propose the most frequently used programs and tasks.

Also of these capabilities may be familiar, but there are some new ones on the list, such as Bixby Text Call, which allows you to respond to and chat with a caller by typing. Bixby, Samsung's artificial assistant, scans the text you input and then translates it to audible voice.


It's an excellent technique to communicate if there's a lot of noise around you or if you like to avoid scam calls, but it's particularly effective for deaf and mute persons. This functionality, however, is presently only accessible in South Korea and will not be available in the United States until the beginning of 2023.

Samsung's Media Gallery app has also been upgraded to facilitate text extraction from photos.

Samsung's Media Gallery app

A new list of linked devices has been introduced, allowing you to control connected devices and access all functions like as Quick Share, Smart View, and Samsung DeX, as well as swap Buds across devices with a single press.

In terms of security, Samsung has incorporated a new privacy menu that integrates security and privacy control centers in one location, allowing you to take action swiftly while being informed of the phone's security state.

Z Fold 4 smartphones

In addition, the business has incorporated a unique message in the Share Panel that alerts users if they attempt to share photographs containing sensitive data such as passports or bank cards.

The Galaxy S22, Z Flip 4, and Z Fold 4 smartphones will be the first to receive Samsung's new One UI 5 upgrade, ahead of older and mid-tier top-tier products.

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