Sony has announced a new quick editing mode for PS5 Share Factory Studio that allows users to create short playable videos using preset formats similar to Tik-Tok.

Sony explained Bits, a new editing feature that allows players to choose an organized bit pattern for their gameplay clip or further customize their shots using the “Quick Edit” mode, in a blog post.

Every week, new bit patterns will be released for players to enjoy.

Special events, holidays, seasons, and popular content will be the inspiration for Bits themes.


The company said on the PlayStation Blog that with Bits:

“our goal is to make it incredibly easy and fun for PlayStation players to create and share short videos to share great achievements, exciting events, and any other kind of eye-catching content.”

Share Factory Studio is a free PlayStation editing app that allows players to capture and edit gameplay footage and share it on social media directly from their devices.

Advanced video and audio editing features, such as HDR video support and the ability to add animations, stickers, filters, and sound effects, are included in the app.

Bits, on the other hand, appears to be a simple way to create social media-friendly gameplay clips for those who are overwhelmed by Share Factory Studio's many options.

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