In an Pinterest's app update that has been eagerly awaited by many Pinterest users, the company's augmented reality “try on” function is now available for home furnishings. This means that those who have been waiting to see what a new couch or other piece of furniture would look like in their space, or how a new interior design might suit their tastes, will now be able to do so without ever leaving home.

Wayfair, Crate & Barrel, Macy's, and Target are among the large merchants that have contributed more than 20,000 goods to the service. The new furniture pins are now shoppable, similar to Pinterest's prior AR try-on capabilities for beauty products. Users may buy the objects they're trying on.

Pinterest's app isn't the first company to employ augmented reality for furniture purchasing

Ikea launched an AR-powered app in 2017. The software may also propose particular goods based on prior searches and saved pins. “One of the big things people come to Pinterest's app for is home d├ęcor and remodeling and preparing for the future,” says Jeremy King, Pinterest's head of engineering.

While the new pins are clearly beneficial to shops, King claims that the functionality is also appealing to the platform's developers. Pinterest has been focusing on creator-centric features over the last year, and while AR shopping isn't specifically a creator tool, it does provide another route for the app's lifestyle influencers to generate (possibly monetizable) content.


Although cosmetics have been shoppable for years, the firm has now enabled augmented reality so that customers are able to try on new furniture options in their home before they are committed to purchase. This update will have a large impact on the number of shoppable pins in the app, which will increase from 14,000 to 80,000.

A collection of shoppable AR items would appear to position Pinterest well for a future metaverse play, should one ever develop, in addition to enhancing Pinterest's commerce functions. King said of the metaverse, “We're absolutely observing it.” “The good news is that all of this technology is perfectly translated into the metaverse. I believe it is on its way, but there aren't many people shopping for tangible items in the metaverse yet.”

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