Microsoft has released a new update for Windows 11 for subscribers of the company's beta program (insiders).

The new update also included a new version of the Windows subsystem for Android.

The new update focuses heavily on mobile gaming performance, as these games will support gamepads, joysticks, and some of the most common gestures used in smartphones and tablets.

what's new:

  • A new set of settings available in the Microsoft Android Subsystem Settings app that enable better experiences in many apps.
  • Joystick compatibility.
  • Gamepad compatibility in games.
  • Support sliding in games using arrow keys.
  • Swipe gestures improved.
  • Network improvements.
  • The minimum Android window size is set by default to 220dp.
  • New toggle to display/save diagnostic data in the Windows subsystem of the Android Settings app.
  • Security updates.
  • General reliability fixes, including improvements to diagnostic volumes.
  • Graphics improvement.

The new update (Build 2206.40000.15.0) is only available to testers in the United States.


The Android subsystem allows mobile applications to be emulated without the need for third-party software.

It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store on any device running Windows 11, but until now games were only playable on touch screens.

The new update will allow testers to have a wide range of gestures and functions at their disposal, and once everything is fixed and polished, we will all have the ability to play mobile games optimally.

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