Squid Game, a hugely popular Netflix series about people who risk their lives and sometimes kill each other to pay off their debts.

Netflix has now revealed that it is developing a real-world game based on the show's original concept.

The game (or challenge) will be called Squid: The Challenge, and it will pit 456 players from all over the world against each other for a $4.56 million prize that will be awarded to only one participant.

Despite the fact that Netflix has released a promotional video featuring scenes from the fictional Squid Game, the Challenge contestants have yet to face any obstacles.


“Fans of the drama will be taken on a fascinating and unexpected journey as 456 contestants navigate the real world in the biggest competition series ever, 

full of tension and twists, and culminating in the biggest cash prize ever,” said Netflix Vice President of Unscripted Documentary Brandon Rigg.

While the original Squid Game is a Korean show, Netflix is looking for English speakers from all over the world to take part in the Challenge by visiting the Challenge's official website.

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