According to Deadline, which opens in a separate tab, the drama series Resident Evil, which was based on the long-running videogame zombie franchise, has been canceled after eight episodes despite having just been available on Netflix for the last 44 days.

It shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Netflix has decided to discontinue this program because it did not receive critical praise and it did not lead the list of shows that are streamed the most. According to Deadline, the show was unable to crack the top 10 on the platform at the end of its third week, despite having gotten off to a promising start.

Neither did the reviews point to the possibility of a quiet success being on the horizon. Although the reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes (opens in new tab) were quite evenly divided, with 55% judging it to be ‘fresh,' the audience score is far more clear: a devastating 27% rating from over 3,000 reviews.

For what it's worth, our very own senior editor Henry T. Casey was one of the positive voices, praising the “entertaining storytelling” and the “utter hilariousness of the dialogue.” He described it as “like a Fast & Furious movie, in a good way,” and he said it was “like a Fast & Furious movie, in a good way.”


Kayla Cobb at Decider (link opens in new tab) was another ardent supporter. “Packed with humor, passion, and some of the finest action moments of the year,” she said, “it's a program that will have you alternatively shouting at and cheering for your television.” “Packed with humor, heart, and some of the coolest action scenes of the year.”

However, other people were far more severe. According to The Daily Beast, this is a program that is “short on action and gore, and big on clichés”” (opens in new tab). Consider this to be another another unsuccessful experiment with the Umbrella, as Brian Tallerico of puts it (opens in new tab).

The difficulty in creating a genuine experience for long-time fans of a video game series while also making it approachable for those who have never picked up a controller in their whole lives is a contributing factor to the issue.

“This will feel like little more than a muddled, and somewhat tacky, zombie serial, saddled with the baggage of pre-existing lore,” laments Nick Hilton at The Independent. “For those unfamiliar with the fabled video game series, this will feel like little more than a muddled, and somewhat tacky, zombie serial” (opens in new tab).

The episode alternated between the beginning of the apocalypse in 2022 and the current day in 2036, when the effects of the catastrophe are being experienced. It followed Jade Wesker (Ella Balinska) as she battled for survival in the new world, hounded by both her father's links to the sinister Umbrella Corporation and the fate of her twin sister.

Due to the fact that the program follows two unique storylines that are separated by 14 years, it means that it will conclude with not just one but two different sets of cliffhangers that will not be resolved.

The unfortunate reality is that starting any new program comes with a built-in occupational hazard: there is a strong probability that you may never achieve the satisfactory ending you seek. This is due to the fact that Netflix has canceled well over ten shows for the year 2022.

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