Netflix has announced the release of a new Profile Transfer tool that allows users to move account elements such as suggestions, viewing history, lists, and more from one account to another. This functionality is being tested and is presently accessible in select countries.

The account transfer option was introduced for two reasons. The first is connected to decreasing disagreements between joint account holders, which means that if you share an account with a friend or neighbor, you may transfer personalized settings and goods without having to start over. The second is connected to the company's attempts to eliminate the phenomenon of shared accounts and require all users to have a personal account in order to enhance the platform's user base.

When you begin the account transfer procedure in either scenario, you will be given with a tutorial that walks you through the stages of creating a new Netflix account from an existing one, with the option to maintain a backup copy of the settings on the previous account.

Netflix first tested the account transfer option in Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru in March, and it is now expanding its testing. Although it is a useful feature, it is still one of Netflix's attempts to generate revenue from those who share accounts, as the company is testing the ability to add additional users to the same account for a fee, while strengthening the phone verification feature to verify who the account holder is.


In any case, if you're seeking for someone to share your Netflix account with in order to watch movies and episodes, it's right there for you. You will eventually be compelled to make your own account, but you may keep everything that is yours and move it to your new account.

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