Over the past several months, Microsoft has increased the number of advertisements that are included in the mobile email program for iOS and Android known as Outlook.

Users of these devices have two options for organizing their inboxes: a single inbox that contains all of their messages, or a tabbed box that is divided into two categories: “Focused,” which displays only the most important messages, and “Other,” which displays only the remaining messages.

Previously, the firm only displayed advertisements for free users in the Other tab; now, it has begun displaying advertisements for free users in the individual inbox mode as well.

That is to say, regardless of whether you are utilizing the single mode or the tabbed version of the inbox, there will be adverts someplace, either in the “Other” tab or in the typical inbox. This is the case regardless of whether you are using the single mode or the tabbed form.
These advertisements will show at the very top of your inbox, giving the impression that they are legitimate emails. This is analogous to the way that Microsoft and Google display advertisements within the web-based versions of Outlook and Gmail, respectively.


ads in Outlook

In point of fact, the only option to get rid of advertisements in Outlook for mobile at this time is to pay for a membership to Microsoft 365.

You may swipe to erase advertisements that resemble emails, but they will resurface, and accessing one of them will reveal advertisement material within the app's built-in browser.

Nobody enjoys advertisements, and customers of the Outlook mobile software have been quite vocal about their dissatisfaction with the product on the Apple App Store by giving it a rating of only one star.

Some users on Twitter and Reddit have also voiced their displeasure with the increasing number of advertisements that are displayed in Outlook for mobile.

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