Microsoft's Xbox app for Windows now includes a new gaming performance benchmark.

This indicator will tell the user whether or not their computer is capable of running the game before they download it.

Although system requirements are always listed, this simple label makes determining whether the game is right for your PC at a glance much easier.

The Xbox app compares the game's performance on computers with similar specifications and predicts how well the game will be played.


However, not every game will have a performance indicator right away, particularly for newly added games, until enough data has been gathered and the appropriate recommendations have been shared.

However, Microsoft's Game Performance Fit Indicator rating system, as the company refers to it, would be a simple substitute for third-party tools or websites like Can You Run It.

Aside from the performance indicator, the navigation within the Xbox app and the search tool have been improved.

All navigation has been moved to the sidebar, and game installs are now listed and trackable in a new queue in the app's bottom left corner.

The accuracy of searching for games, including EA Play and Ubisoft Connect games, has also been improved.

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