Microsoft is working on a new version of Visual Studio 2022 that will handle the Arm64 architecture natively instead of requiring emulation.

A small computer based on the Arm64 architecture was also revealed by the business.

In the next weeks, a preview copy of the original Arm release of Visual Studio 2022 will be available, with the complete release due later this year.

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While Arm devices like the Surface Pro X could run Visual Studio via x64 emulation, several functionality were not supported, and there were also performance difficulties.


As the firm attempts to create a toolset that supports Arm natively, developers will be interested to learn more about native Arm support for Visual Studio 2022 and VS Code.

  • Visual Studio 2022 & VS Code.
  • ++Visual C.
  • Modern .NET 6 and Java.
  • Classic .NET Framework.
  • Windows Terminal.
  • WSL and WSA to run Linux and Android apps

In addition to the initial Arm gadget, Microsoft has teamed up with Qualcomm to produce an improved Arm device.

Project Volterra is a new gadget with a Snapdragon CPU and a neural processing unit (NPU) that allows developers to construct cloud-native AI apps.

Developers may stack numerous Project Volterra PCs on their desks or within server racks because the device appears like a Mac Mini-like PC and has a stackable design.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2022

The business has not yet published the device's exact characteristics, however it looks to include three USB connections on the rear, as well as a DisplayPort port and an Ethernet port.

On the side of the gadget, there are two USB-C connectors, and the device is manufactured from recycled ocean plastic.

Last year at the Build Developers Conference, the business teamed up with Qualcomm to produce an Arm-based development kit that allows developers to create native Arm64 programs for Windows.

Many developers rely on the Arm64 emulation integrated into Windows to run their apps for consumers and businesses, and this is unlikely to change without a bigger install base for Arm devices.

At today's Build conference, Microsoft also debuted the Microsoft Store.

The business abolished the win32 application backlog and made the Store available to all app developers.

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