The Meta Company has announced that it will launch new tools to edit short videos (Reels) on both Instagram and Facebook. These tools will eliminate the need for Tik Tok to edit short clips and encourage content creators to create original content for Facebook and Instagram, which is something the Instagram team is very interested in.

Users will be able to import audio files (at least five seconds long) from their camera roll into their movies using these capabilities.

Reels now supports 90-second films, and interactive stickers with polls, quizzes, and emoticons will be available, similar to Instagram Stories.

Short films are now available on PC with the new tools, which the firm claims will make it simpler to test alternative formats after debuting Facebook Reels in February for mobile.


Creators will also be able to edit live stream snippets into a 60-second video. In addition to being available on desktop, Facebook Reels Clips now includes narration for videos and a function called SoundSync, which automatically syncs movies to the beat of a music selected by the user.

Meta's quick development of Tik Tok like functionality is unsurprising, and it was evident early on in 2020, when Reels first became accessible on Instagram, that additional plugins were need to compete with TikTok clips.

Instagram has begun testing support for non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the app, as well as several other features that will enhance rivalry with Tik Tok, which has grown into a formidable competitor to both Facebook and Instagram.

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