As part of the company's intention to phase down news-focused products, Meta has announced that it would discontinue support for the Facebook app's Instant Articles feature beginning next

The Instant Articles service was launched in 2015, but this year Meta announced the discontinuation of its support, telling its media partners that Facebook will no longer support the Instant Articles service after six months, or by April of next year, according to Mr. Erin Miller, the company's official spokesperson.

When the Instant Articles service expires, the news links will redirect the reader to the publisher's mobile site.

Meta has begun to withdraw some of its investments in the news industry, having curtailed financing for the Facebook News tab and Bulletin platform earlier this year, and the firm stated this month that Bulletin will be shut down altogether at the beginning of 2023.


According to Mr. Miller, less than 3% of Facebook users globally receive postings with links to news stories, thus it makes no sense to devote resources to things that are irrelevant to the user. He also revealed that the business is attempting to make the news feed more comparable to the Tik Tok platform, with the algorithms focusing on material that the user may be interested in.

Meta isn't the only firm that has altered the way articles are shown; Google no longer requires an item to be AMP-enabled in order to be in the Top Stories section. Instead, I concentrated on “experiment with the page” so that you would rank better in search results.

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