MasterCard is now testing new technology that allows individuals to pay with their faces or fingerprints, and the corporation started a program allowing businesses to provide biometric payment methods including facial recognition and fingerprint scanning on Tuesday.

Instead of swiping a payment card, users will be able to validate purchases by displaying their face or fingerprint.

The initiative has already begun in five Brazilian locations, and the business wants to roll it out internationally later this year.
By 2025, over 1.4 billion people will use face recognition technology to validate payments, more than doubling from 671 million in 2020.
To utilize this technology, snap a photo of your face or scan your fingerprint to register it in an app, which may be done on your smartphone or at a payment location, and then add a credit card that is connected to your data.

The use of biometric information for payment poses a number of privacy and data collection problems.
MasterCard, for its part, claims that all data entered by clients into its system is encrypted in such a way that their privacy is not jeopardized.
When you join up, your face or fingerprint scan is substituted with a “code,” which is a random string of numeric characters that is then connected to your payment card. The firm also stated that it has created a set of guidelines to assure user data security.


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