After its release at the end of 2018, the Insta360 One X quickly became the most popular 360 camera. With many top YouTubers and vloggers seen using the camera, it maintained its title throughout 2019. The Insta360 One X's popularity stemmed from its relatively high video quality (when compared to other 360 cameras), small size, near-perfect stabilization, and simple editing app.

More than a year later, several new 360 cameras have been released, including the Insta360 One R, the successor to the One X. The One R is no longer a pure 360 camera , having gone in a different direction in terms of design and functionality. This has some benefits and some disadvantages. So, is the Insta360 One X worth considering in 2022, or are there better alternatives?

$499 at Amazon

The Insta360 One X Specs:


Resolution5.7K @30fps, 24fps, 25fps4K @50fps, 30fps3K @ 100fps
Bit Rate120MBPS
Formatinsv (can be exported via App or Studio),mp4 (enable in-camera FlowState Stabilization),supports LOG and HDR videos
ModesStandard, HDR, Timelapse, TimeShift,Bullet Time
Audiox 2 Microphone
LivestreamYes – 4K


ModesStandardHDRBurstIntervalNight Shot
Exposure ModesAuto, Manual (Shutter 1/8000s-120s, ISO 100-3200), Shutter Priority (1/8000s-2s), ISO Priority (100-3200)
White BalanceAuto2700K4000K5000K6500K


WaterproofNo – Extra Case Required
Battery40 Minutes of Video
Special FeaturesInvisible Selfie Stick, Re-framing App

Cameras like the Insta360 One X can help you save money and time on production costs:

Cameras like the Insta360 One X can help you save money and time on production costs.

The cost of 360 video production is a lot higher than traditional video production, but the cost of this camera is only $500. The Insta360 One X also has a built-in stabilization feature that helps you get better quality videos.


This camera can be used to shoot 360 videos for social media, YouTube, or any other platform. You can also use it for virtual tours and live streaming events with its live broadcast function.

The Best Off-the-Shelf 360 Camera Available Today:

Insta360 ONE X

The best off-the-shelf 360 camera available today is the Ricoh Theta V. This camera is a great choice for those who are looking for an affordable 360 camera. It shoots in 4K resolution and has a wide field of view, which makes it perfect for capturing landscape and panoramic shots.

It also has features like time lapse, slow motion, and HDR mode. A downside to this camera is that it doesn't have a live preview feature, which makes it difficult to capture certain shots with precision.

How is Video Quality on the Insta360 One X?

The Insta360 One X is a high-quality video camera and it has a great quality. The video quality is up to 4K resolution, which is the highest resolution on any phone camera. The 4K videos are 30 fps, while the 1080p videos are 60 fps.

The Insta360 One X also has a new feature called “Slow Motion Video” which lets you capture high-quality slow motion footage at 120fps. It also has a new feature called “Time Lapse Video” which lets you capture time lapse footage in HD or 4K resolution with speeds of 0.5x – 3x for more than 10 hours of footage in less than 1 minute of recording time.

Can You Use the Insta360 One X Without a Phone?

The Insta360 One X is a 360-degree video camera that can be used without a phone. It has a built-in screen and can connect to a smartphone wirelessly. This way, the camera becomes an all-in-one device for capturing 360-degree video and photos.

And you can see How to connect the Insta360 One X to the StructionSite mobile app here: Connecting to the Insta360 One X

$499 at Amazon

What's Included in the Box & What Accessories are Available?

The box includes the drone, remote control, propellers, battery charger, and blade guards.

The drone comes with a remote control that has a range of about 300 meters. The remote controller is also equipped with an LCD screen and buttons for taking photos and videos. The propellers are made of plastic material to make them more durable.

The battery charger is great because it can charge up to 4 batteries at the same time. This will save you time when you have to charge your batteries after every flight.

Blade guards are designed to protect the propellers from being damaged during collisions or bumps into objects while flying.

Why You Should Buy the Insta360 One X?

The Insta360 One X is a 360-degree camera that is perfect for anyone who wants to capture their life in a whole new way. The camera can shoot 4K videos and has a 3-axis stabilization system, which means that you will be able to take smooth videos even if you are moving around.

The One X is also great for people who want to make their own VR content. It has an app that lets you edit your 360 video footage in the way that you want it to look and then share it with the world on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram.

How to Get the Best Stabilization on your Videos with an Insta360 One X?

Insta360 ONE X

Insta360 One X is a new camera that has been designed to provide the best stabilization on videos. It has been built with the help of Qualcomm, who are experts in 3D-sensing and vision processing.

The Insta360 One X is an action camera that can capture 360-degree video in 4K resolution. The camera also has an electronic stabilizer, which provides a stable image for when you are walking or running. This means that you can get professional quality footage without any shakes or bumps in your video footage.

$499 at Amazon

Conclusion & Final Thoughts on Using the Insta360 One X

The Insta360 One X is a great camera for capturing immersive footage of your surroundings in high quality. Final thoughts: The Insta360 One X is a great camera for shooting immersive footage of your surroundings in high quality. . Whether you are going to be using the camera for youtube, vlogging, or personal use, it is definitely worth the purchase.I would not recommend this camera to someone who does not already have a stable of cameras and likes to switch between them constantly. It is expensive and will require a lot of time spent just learning how to use it properly in order to get the most out of it.

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