A charger and a portable battery pack are the two new power accessories that have been introduced by Hyper. Together, they are capable of producing a power output of 245 watts.

245W GaN Desktop Charger 2

245W GaN Desktop Charger

The component manufacturer made the announcement on Monday about the HyperJuice 245W GaN Desktop Charger, which it refers to be the “world's first and smallest” 245W desktop charger.

The Hyper 245W charger features four individual USB-C ports that are capable of simultaneously charging up to four laptops with a maximum power consumption of 60W, such as the 13-inch MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, or two laptops with a maximum power consumption of 100W, such as the 16-inch MacBook Pro, along with a tablet and a smartphone.

The 245W GaN charger is not the same size as a typical wall adapter, despite the fact that it is advertised as being “pocket-sized.” Despite this, it is still portable enough to be packed in a backpack or briefcase in order to charge it while traveling.


In addition, Hyper introduced a comparable 245W USB-C battery pack that is capable of charging laptops, cellphones, drones, and other electronic devices. This battery pack has a pair of 100W USB-C Power Delivery connectors as well as two 65W USB-C Power Delivery ports.

An OLED display is included on the HyperJuice 245W USB-C Battery Pack. This display is able to offer information on the battery capacity as well as the charging power on each port. When used in conjunction with the 245W GaN charger, the Battery Pack may be charged to full capacity in about one hour.

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