If you're still using Windows 10 it's only normal that you're looking up how to upgrade to Windows 11. Microsoft Windows 10 is already a couple of years old. Therefore, recently Microsoft released the latest Windows 11.

Microsoft claims that they put massive improvements on their latest OS. Windows 11 has a sleek new look that will help you focus even when you're multitasking. The new OS also sees a lot of improvements in compatibility across multiple devices. Of course that makes everyone wonder how to upgrade to Windows 11.

Is It Worth Upgrading?

Unlike some of their previous releases, Windows 11 relatively have minimum bugs and issues upon release. However, you need to check if your PC or laptop is compliant and meets the minimum requirement.

The best thing about the Windows 11 release is that you can upgrade your current windows for free. Microsoft is taking a new approach by providing a free upgrade release for Windows 10 users.

However, if you think your PC or laptop is already old enough and want to upgrade the hardware. You can look at the requirements for Windows 11 and purchase the components that will help your upgrade.

So How to Upgrade To Windows 11?

To upgrade your current Windows version to the latest Windows 11, you need to head directly to the Microsoft Website. You can see the differences that the update has.

It's worth noting that you can only update to Windows 11 when you're currently on Windows 10. There is a massive difference between the previous releases before Windows 10, such as Windows 7 and 8. And they may not compatible with Windows 11 features.

First of all, you need to download the PC Health App from the Microsoft website. This small app will check your PC specifications to see if it meets the requirements. The check result will tell you which hardware specifications you can improve.

How to upgrade to windows 11| PC Health App

If the check fails your PC, you can force an upgrade by downloading the installation file from another source. However, you may compromise your PC security. So do it at your own risk.

What If I Can't Download It?

There are reasons why you can't download the file. For example, your PC or laptop may not pass the hardware requirement check. If that's the case, you may want to do some shopping and pick better hardware that meets the requirement.

Another reason is the internet connection that you use. Stable internet is necessary to have a successful upgrade to Windows 11. It's best if you are on a dedicated internet and not on public WiFi.


Before you start wondering how to upgrade to Windows 11, you need to ensure that your PC hardware meets the requirements. Microsoft mentions that some of the features are hardware compliant and subject to change in the future.

Also, the free upgrade to Windows 11 is only available for the Windows 11 Home Edition. If you want extra security and more features, you can purchase the Windows 11 Pro Edition. It has enhanced security features that are suitable for businesses and corporations.

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