Everyone wants to stay connected with their loved ones. You can use the Internet to keep in touch with your family and friends from anywhere in the world. But how do you know if someone is keeping tabs on your online activities?

Many technologies are available today for spying on a person or monitoring their activities. The cat-and-mouse spy game continues as new methods are invented to outsmart spying efforts, and vice versa. This article will explain different ways of how to spy on someone through wifi and other Internet-connected devices.

1. WireShark Tool

WireShark Tool
WireShark Tool

The Wireshark is one of the best tools for how to spy on someone through wifi. It's a free, open-source packet analyzer used for network troubleshooting and analysis. It can also be used for network protocol analysis. You can use the Wireshark to capture and log packets traveling to or from a network computer. Wireshark is a highly flexible tool, and can be used for Network Security Monitoring (NSM), network administration, and general protocol analysis.

It is especially useful for and best suited for packet analysis and troubleshooting of Ethernet based networks. Wireshark can be used on any operating system that supports the libpcap/WinPcap open source packet capture library.


2. OpenDNS


If you want to know how to spy on someone through wifi, then you can try out OpenDNS. It is one of the best software available in the market that you can use to monitor your children's online activities.

OpenDNS is a free Internet filtering and security service that protects users from harmful websites and can be used to monitor the Internet activities of your kids. It also keeps your kids safe from identity theft, viruses, and other online threats. OpenDNS can also be used as a method of how to spy on someone through wifi.

3 zANTI (Android App)

zANTI (Android App)
zANTI (Android App)

zANTI will help you find out how to spy on someone through wifi. It is a mobile app that can be used for monitoring the activities of your kids or employees. This app allows you to record audio, track GPS locations, and view call logs on any Android device. You can also monitor the device's browsing history and even block certain websites. It is one of the best methods of how to spy on someone through wifi.

How to Restrict users’ activity on Your WiFi

If you are worried that an unknown person might use your Internet connection, then you can prevent it by setting up a guest network on your router.

Many Internet routers have the option to create a separate wireless network for guests. This separate network will have a different name and a different password than your regular wireless network.

When you connect a device to this guest network, it will be disconnected from your primary network and will not be able to access your devices or other computers on your network. This will prevent other Internet users from accessing your primary network.

How to Block Adult Websites on Your WiFi

How to spy on someone through wifi
How to spy on someone through wifi

If you want to block adult websites on your WiFi, then you can use a free website filter. There are many free and paid filtering services that you can use to block inappropriate websites on your WiFi. You can also install a parental control software on your computer to monitor and block websites on all devices connected to your WiFi. These software programs can be configured to block access to specific websites or categories of websites. This will help you in how to spy on someone through wifi.

How Do I Find Hidden Devices On My Wifi?

  • By clicking the Settings app, you may access the settings.
  • On your smartphone, go to the About Phone or About Device section.
  • By tapping Status or Hardware, you may get these information.
  • Scrolling down will reveal your Wi-Fi router's MAC address.

How Do Know If Someone Is Spying On Me Through My Wifi Router?

You'll need to log into your router's Connected Devices log. You'll then be able to see who resides at that router. If you're concerned about really understanding what they're doing while on your network, a packet sniffing application like Wireshark allows you to detect traffic and pinpoint a specific packet one at a time.


Spying on someone's online activity can have serious implications. If you suspect that someone is spying on you, you can use the above methods to prevent it. You can also use these methods to spy on someone yourself.

However, it is important to note that spying on someone without their knowledge is a violation of privacy and can have serious consequences. Therefore, you should only use these methods if you have a legitimate reason to do so.

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