People can now see your screen on FaceTime a lot easier than that. Apple has done it a lot simpler for people to see your screen. This can be very useful if you want to show a problem you're having with an app, show important work information for a video meeting, or show your friends something fun.

It's important to note that Share Screen isn't the same as SharePlay, another new feature from Apple. When you use the latter, you can all watch streaming movies or TV shows or listen to music simultaneously. But any subscription services (like Netflix, Spotify, Apple TV+, etc.) require that each person on the call have an active account.

So, there isn't a way to watch the most recent show episode if you don't have the service. Here's how to show your screen while you're on FaceTime on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Those of you with older devices that can't run the most recent versions of their OS will find other ways to share your screen later in this guide.

What you will require:

Current versions of iOS, iPad OS, and macOS

Before you can use the most up-to-date screen-sharing features, you'll need to ensure that your device is working on the most current operating system. To screen share on an iPhone or iPad, you'll need iOS 15, iPad OS 15, and Mac OS Monterey. These all have built-in screen sharing, so you'll need them to do it!

It's still possible to share your screen even if your device can't run these versions. We'll show you how to do that later in this guide. For example, you can follow the instructions on updating iOS on your iPhone or iPad, get iPadOS 15 on your iPad, and update Mac OS.

How to use FaceTime to share Screen On Mac

share Screen On Mac

Mac OS Monterey makes it very easy to share your screen with FaceTime. Do this:

  1. When you want to start or join a FaceTime call, you can
  2. When you click the FaceTime icon in the menu bar, you'll see the controls.
  3. Select the Share button (a screen with a person in front).
  4. To choose from, you'll now be able to pick two:
  5. Window: This lets you show a specific window, which is great if you want to show an app to people on the call.
  6. Screen: This lets other people on the call see everything you can see on your Mac.
  7. When you're done, go back to the FaceTime icon in the menu bar and click the Stop Sharing button to end the sharing process.

How to use FaceTime to share screen iPhone or iPad

With iOS 15 and iPad 15, you can easily share your screen with other people. How it's done:

  1. When you want to start or join a FaceTime call, you can
  2. You can tap the Share Content icon to share content with other people (the display with a person in front).
  3. Could you turn on the Share My Screen button?
  4. It's now possible for everyone on your phone call to see what you're looking at on your screen.
  5. Finally, click the End button.

How to install and use SharePlay on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac 

How to Share Screen On Mac

Make sure you use SharePlay when you want to watch movies or TV shows with friends on FaceTime so that they can see them too. You'll need the most recent version of iOS 15, iPad 15, or macOS Monterey, so make sure everyone's devices are up to date. When you're on the call, you can activate SharePlay by following a few different steps:

  1. Take the first step to making a FaceTime call.
  2. Many apps these days work with SharePlay, but you'll need to make sure the one you want to use does.
  3. Choose the movie or show you wish to watch, then click Play. Then click Play for Everyone.
  4. FaceTime users who have active accounts with the content provider should be able to see the same content as everyone else on the call.

On a Mac, utilize screen sharing

How to Share Screen On Mac

This is a simple way to see and control your friend or co worker's screen if both of you use Macs. You can do this by using the screen-sharing feature with Mac OS.

How to Share Screen On Mac
  1. Type “screen sharing” into Spotlight and press the spacebar to do this. When you type in the first few letters, it will offer autocomplete, so you don't have to. On the right, double-click the icon.
  2. A dialogue box will show up with just one field, called “Connect To:” Enter your mate's Apple ID here! People will get an invite. People in your Contacts file can already be found by typing the first few letters of their name. Then, choose them from the autocomplete options that show up. In this case, contacts who have been set up correctly for this will have their names shown in blue.
  3. When your friend's Mac sees the invitation, they should click Accept to accept.
  4. Depending on what they want you to be able to see or do, choose either “Control my screen” or “Observe my screen.” Then, click “Accept.”
  5. Their computer will show up as a window on your computer. In this case, if they have two monitors, this window will be twice as wide. If your coworkers chose “control my screen,” you can click on the windows and icons in Screen Sharing and control the other Mac right away, even if they didn't. This means that you can fix any problems yourself.
  6. The speed of both your networks and the other person's internet connection will affect how well you can do things in Control Mode. In that case, you might have to wait for things to happen. By default, Screen Sharing changes the quality of the video depending on how well the network is working.
  7. You can zoom in and out, and if you want to become more involved, you can click the left-hand option (a cursor inside circles) at the top left of the window, called Control. If your colleague wants to accept or not, this will send them a new request to do so. If this doesn't show up, click View > Show Toolbar in the menu to show it.
  8. Click on the Screen Sharing icon on either Mac and choose End Screen Sharing when you're done.

Conclusion of how to screen share on mac:

Screen sharing is a great way to collaborate on projects with other team members, and it's also a great way to troubleshoot problems.

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