FaceTime video calls are a great way for families who live far apart to feel like they're together, but it's a shame that they're so short-lived. The app doesn't let you record the conversation so that you can look back on it in the future. Such a feature isn't just good for special family events.

It's also a good method to create a podcast if you and your co-host can't be in the same room at a similar period. Another way to use this is to record a work-related call so that people who didn't get to hear it can listen to it later. Some ways to record a screen on FaceTime may not be built into the app. Follow us to know how to record a facetime call on your iPhone or Mac in this guide

How do you record FaceTime on a Mac? 

Make a FaceTime call on the Mac. If it's a group call, you'll be able to see each other better on the bigger screen. When you record a FaceTime call, it's best to use a Mac because it's so easy to record your screen on a Mac. To record what's on your Mac screen, you'll have to figure out which version of macOS you're running. Make sure to use the screen-grabbing tool in Mojave or Catalina. If you do, you'll have a tool to record your screen. If you have an older version of the Mac OS, you will need to use QuickTime to watch videos. We'll talk about both of them.

how to record a facetime call

FaceTime video recording on mac 

Record everything on your screen, including audio, with the new Screen Record tool that came with Mac OS X Mave. This is how: 

  1. To open the screenshot tools, press Command + Shift + 5.
  2. You will be able to take standard screenshots and record the whole screen or record a specific part of the screen. Choose the one that you need.
  3. If you wish to file the full screen, click on the Record button next to Options. If you have more than one screen, click and hold on to the Record button. You will see the options for Screens 1 and 2 when you do this.
  4. This option is for when you want to record a part of your screen. To do this, click the Record Selected Portion option. Then you can choose where you want to record, or you can drag the box over it.
  5. Because you want to record the audio as well, you need to choose a microphone from Settings so that you can. Click on Options, then choose Built-In Microphone from the drop-down menu. Audio will not record if you don't do this, so do it now.
  6. When you are prepared to start recording, you can click Record to start the process.
  7. You'll see a small Stop button at the top of the page. When you are done recording, you need to click this to stop it. 

Before you start the FaceTime call, you can do this. You can also perform this while you are on the call. Recording: You will be able to use your screen while the recording is on. To stop recording, you need to click on the Stop button in the menu on your screen. It will show up in the menu. You can also press Command + Shift + 5 to get a Stop button in the toolbar. If you use Desktop Stacks, it will be in the “Film/Movies” stack. You can find it on your desktop. When you click on the video, it will open in QuickTime.

QuickTime can be used to record FaceTime

how to record facetime call

If you don't have Mojave or Catalina, the only way to do this is to use QuickTime (the app is preinstalled). 

  1. Press Command+Space and type QuickTime to find QuickTime. Then, open it.
  2. File > New Screen Recording is where you go to make a new screen recording (or right-click on the QuickTime Player icon in your Dock and choose New Screen Recording). Click the red register icon to start recording, then click anywhere on the screen. To be more specific, click and drag across the FaceTime window to record only the parts you want.
  3. Make sure that you also record audio by clicking on the down arrow next to the record button and choosing the microphone. This is the same thing that you did above.
  4. Now, let's start the FaceTime chat. A recording is over when you're done. To stop recording, click the recording icon or right-click the QuickTime icon in the Dock and choose Stop Recording in the menu.
  5. It will show up in a window for you to watch. If you enjoy it, select File > Save.

How to create a FaceTime video call on your iPhone/iPad

More people use FaceTime on an iPad or iPhone than on a Mac, but it's more difficult to record a conversation. This is what you have.

how to record a facetime call

iOS screen recording

Screen-recording was added to the Control Center in iOS 11. But keep in mind that the feature was made to record video but not audio in some apps for legal reasons. And FaceTime is one of the apps that doesn't let you record sound. If you only need to record the video part of FaceTime and not the sound, this is the simplest way to do it. 

Before we begin, you must secure that the record button is in the Control Center. To start, swipe up from the bottom. As soon as you pinch up on an iPad, a small part of the Dock comes up. Keep swiping to get the full screen with thumbnails of recent apps, the Dock, and the Control Center. Make sure that the screen recording icon is there. It looks like a small white circle with a bigger white circle. You should be able to see it.

In Settings, you need to tell iOS to show the screen recording feature in Control Center. If it's not there, you need to do that. Use the green plus sign to the right of Screen Recording to add it to the list of controls in Settings. Record your screen now. Follow these measures if you wish to record the video part of the FaceTime call

  1. When you open the Control Center, you can change things.
  2. A three-second countdown will start, and a red bar will appear at the top of your screen to show that it's recording. You can do this by tapping the screen recording icon.
  3. Start a FaceTime call now, and we'll talk soon.
  4. Take a look at the Control Center again. When you're done, tap the recording icon again. You'll need to go to the Photos app to save your video. 

Along with being silent, we've found this technique to be somewhat glitchy; on occasion, we began screen recording and then requested a FaceTime call from a colleague, but accepting the call ended the recording. Even though you can only record one side of the audio, there's a workaround: you can turn on your device's microphone if you hard press the screen recording icon. It will then record what it can pick up. 

Record the screen of your iPhone with a Mac

So this is a complete waste of time. You'll have to use the Mac, and you could talk on that machine instead. But if you want to have the conversation on an iOS device and record it, the best way is to connect the iDevice to a Mac and record it. 

Make sure you have your iPhone or iPad unlocked before you plug it into your Mac. Select File > New Movie Recording.

As soon as you start the app, a new window will open that shows the view from your Mac's webcam. But we want to use the screen on our iDevice instead. Take a look at the list of “cameras” to the right of the red record button. You should see your iPhone or iPad there. Choose it. 

Otherwise, the window will change to show what's on your iPhone. When you're ready to start recording, click the red button. Then, when you're ready, start the FaceTime conversation. The rest is the same as when you record a Mac conversation: When you're done, click the stop button in the top bar, or right-click the dock icon. Then save the finished video if you like it.

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