In honor of Google News' 20th anniversary, Google has released a new UI for Google News on desktop. The redesigned user interface focuses on providing users with multiple configurations to help them catch up on articles that are important to them.

According to Google, the new UI was created in response to reader input, and it should make it “easier for you to catch up on the most essential news by putting Top stories, Local news, and tailored recommendations for you to the top of the page.”

The revised Google News desktop UI, as shown in the screenshots, includes a search bar at the top, followed by a row of tabs that replaces the navigation drawer from the previous layout. When you open Google News on your desktop, the first tab, labeled Home, is chosen by default.

Google News
Google News

It now features a new “Your briefing” heading with the current day and date, followed by sections for “Top articles,” “Local news,” and “Picks for you.” The Home tab also has a weather widget in the upper left corner that displays the current temperature and can be expanded to see further information.


The “For you” and “Following” tabs, which appear next to the “Home” page, provide tailored recommendations and news about topics you're following, respectively.

Along with the style modifications, Google has included a customization tool that allows you to choose which subjects display in your feed. According to Google, the new feature “makes it easy to scroll and click through to the stories that most interest you.”

You may add, delete, or reorganize subjects by clicking the blue customize icon in the upper right corner of the Your Topics area.”

Furthermore, Google News on desktop has enlarged the “Fact Check” section to give more insight. The new Google News redesign also symbolizes the service's “eight-year absence” in Spain.

The Google News desktop UI redesign is now available to all users, and you can try it out by visiting and clicking on the “Try it out” icon at the top of the page. It's worth mentioning that Google is presently allowing users to restore to the old UI via settings.

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