According to the most recent rumors, Google is now hard at work on a new Pixel phone that will include a screen that is capable of supporting a resolution of 2K and a ceramic back cover.

Today, rumors reveal that Google will offer a new version of Android with more design modifications. The Pixel 6 series of phones, which were introduced by the search giant, have a style that is distinctive and stands out in comparison to the typical design for Android phones.

According to the source, Google has already begun work on building a new version of the Pixel phones that will have a ceramic look, in addition to developing a foldable version of the Google Pixel phone.
The design of previous Google versions has frequently been based on plastic, metal, or glass designs; hence, the design of the new Pixel phone will be one of the first Google releases to use a ceramic design.

According to the source of the leaks, the smartphone will also include a 2K resolution screen and a sensor for taking selfies that will be included in the screen cutout. Additionally, the phone is compatible with the Tensor 2 processing chip, which is also compatible with the future Pixel 7 series.


The source of the leaks also referred to the Sony IMX787 sensor that is used in the telephoto camera, therefore we are looking forward to additional information about this version. The rumors also indicate that the phone comes with a primary sensor in the 50-megapixel back camera, with a periscope sensor.

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