A new game based on the famous God of War game has appeared on Xbox, and is available through the official store for only $4.09.

The game bears the name War Gods Zeus of Child and stars the famous Kratos character from the original game, along with a group of evil monsters.

The game is unofficial and it's a kind of tamper with the original game, and it somehow got hacked and published via the Xbox Store.

According to Eurogamer, which is interested in tracking electronic games, the developer of this game is a company called Dolaka Ltd.


As is well known, Microsoft's strict certification processes do not usually allow such infringing games to access the Store.

But the game is expected to have been published through the Xbox Creators Program, which allows Xbox developers to bypass the typical processes required to publish games.

The game revolves around the protagonist of the game aimlessly killing an endless group of enemies in the game arena, until you surrender or Kratos dies.

It lacks any kind of in-game music or sound effects, and it doesn't include any animations when the hero is walking backwards, so he simply slides when placed in reverse.

The description of the game reads: “War Gods Zeus of Child is a great war game, destroy all enemies and creatures with the challenging king of Zeus.”

It is noteworthy that the game is still available for sale on the Xbox Store, despite the passage of nearly a week since its publication.

It is reported that Xbox CEO Phil Spencer recently said that a version of the legendary game of God of War will be available on the Xbox, but he certainly did not mean this meager game.

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