The first official stills from the upcoming television series The Last of Us, which is adapted on the video game of the same name, have been made available online by HBO.

Followers were provided with a concise summary (20 seconds long) of the series that is expected to come in 2023.

And in order to demonstrate this, the firm produced a new promotional video, which can be found below the post, and it focuses on the most exciting aspects of what will soon be available from the colossal corporation HBO.

Craig Mazin, who also penned the book Chernobyl, is the one responsible for writing this series.


Pedro Pascal plays the role of Ellie, Bella Ramsay takes on the role of Joel, and Gabriel Luna takes on the role of Tommy.

The first season of the show will consist of ten episodes, however there are no plans to produce a second season at this time.

The series appears to follow the same format as the PlayStation game, judging on the little teaser that was released for it.

The devastating introduction to The Last of Us, which features Joel's daughter, appears for a brief time during the sequence in which Ellie and Joel reenact a touching exchange of dialogue from the video game.

In the video game The Last of Us, players control Joel and Ellie as they travel across a post-apocalyptic United States that has been ravaged by an unknown sickness that transforms infected individuals into terrifying monsters.

Along the road, they come across a wide variety of personalities; some of them are helpful, while the majority of them are dangerous and ill, and they are attempting to get away from them.

The teaser validates the statements made by HBO's chief of content in February, which stated that we should anticipate seeing the show in 2023, although it did not provide any precise date.

In addition to House of the Dragon and The Idol, additional bands such as The White Lotus and The White House Plumbers participated in the marketing.

Around long last, the entire trailers for the most anticipated new series on HBO are now available for viewing. The Last of Us can be seen at the 1 minute and 41 second mark in the video.

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