Elon Musk told the employees of his future company Twitter in a virtual meeting that he aspires to turn Twitter into a global version of WeChat.

Elon Musk believes that the only way to reach the company's goal of one billion active users is to make the app more fun, similar to TikTok, and more useful, similar to WeChat.

Especially since the latter provides everything from conversations to payments, games, and car rentals to its users, but it is not available globally with the same features.

“Outside of China, there is no equivalent app for WeChat.


It is common in China to rely solely on WeChat in daily life; if we can apply this concept to Twitter, it will be a huge success.

“Musk emphasized the importance of paid subscriptions as one of the company's primary sources of revenue, implying that the process of verifying cloud ownership (verified account) should be paid for rather than free.

Elon did not waste any time in addressing the spread of bots and fake accounts on Twitter, emphasizing the importance of removing them as soon as possible.

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