Given the unit's guts crammed into such a compact body, the Dell Alienware m15 R6 is something of a miracle machine. For a long time, the firm has been producing some of the greatest gaming laptops with the best graphics cards and CPUs for gaming, and this model is no different from its predecessors in that regard. This is typically countered by the fact that Alienware gaming laptops have always been on the pricey side. The m15 R6 is no different in this regard.

But, in 2022, is this Alienware laptop worth your money? Let’s find out with our review.

What Makes The Dell Alienware M15 Unique And Different From The Rest?

The Dell Alienware M15 is a newly released laptop that is geared towards gamers. It has some features that make it stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The first thing to note about this laptop is its size. It has a 15-inch display, which is smaller than most other gaming laptops on the market today. This means that it will not take up as much space on your desk and it will be easier to carry around with you when going from place to place.


Another thing to note about this laptop is its weight, which comes in at just 4 pounds. This makes it one of the lightest laptops on the market today, and also one of the thinnest laptops you can find too!

Dell Alienware M15 R6 Design and Features!

Dell Alienware M15

When you consider the technology beneath the hood, the laptop is remarkably slim despite its size. The general design is functional, but not very fascinating or unique. For gaming, browsing, and more creative chores like video rendering, an 11th generation i7 is no slouch. From a purely technical standpoint, there's a lot to admire. A Reviewer's Opinion on the Alienware m15 R6:

This is unmistakably a gaming laptop for enthusiasts, designed from the ground up for extreme gamers. The quantity of RGB available in the laptop's design is exciting; you can mix and match the colors to make your battle station seem anyway you like. Outside of games, I found that utilizing the trackpad and keyboard for ordinary web surfing and basic navigation was sufficient.

Dell Alienware M15 R6 SPECS !

Processor:Intel Core i7-11800H
Graphics:Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080
Memory:16 GB, 2 x 8 GB, DDR4, 3200 MHz
Display:15.6-inch, 360Hz 1ms
Camera:Alienware HD (1280×720 resolution) camera with dual-array microphones and Windows Hello IR support
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Storage:1TB PCIe M.2 SSD
Ports: Left: 1x RJ-45 Ethernet NIC Port, 1x Global headset jack; Right: 1x Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port, 1x Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port w/ PowerShare 2; Back: 1x Power/DC-in Port, 1x Type-C (Thunderbolt 4, USB 3.2 Gen 2, 15W (3A/5V) Power Delivery) Port, 1x Type-A USB 3.2 Gen 1 Port, 1x HDMI 2.1 Output Port
Connectivity:Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 (2×2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
Weight:5.93lbs (2.69kg)

Dell Alienware m15 r6 gaming performance!

Dell Alienware M15 r6

The Alienware m15 R6 gaming laptop comes with a Full HD (1080p) resolution and a blistering 360Hz refresh rate. The RTX 3080 graphics card is a standout performance, especially at 1080p. When it comes to general navigation, the 32GB RAM shines, as does the CPU when it comes to processor-intensive activities. The screen is sharp and bright, making it a delight to use for anything from online surfing to video editing. For the next 5-7 years, the 3080's 8GB VRAM will readily meet the demands of most games.

The Alienware m15 R6 can reach high temperatures as it carries out intensive tasks. They are also quite noisy in order to keep it cool. You will need to add a headset (such as best gaming headsets or the best in noise cancelling) if you want peace and quiet.

Is the new Alienware m15 r6 worth it?

Dell Alienware M15 r6 review

This is the pinnacle of high-end gaming laptops. The Alienware m15 R6 is without a doubt one of the greatest premium gaming laptops presently on the market, with performance levels that are usually reserved for the most powerful gaming PCs. Given the amount of power at its core, it does, however, suffer from some noticeable downsides, particularly how hot it gets and how loud it operates. But, with games that look and operate this well on the tablet, it's a trade-off worth making for those who can afford it.

Our Verdict about Dell Alienware M15 R6 !

It's worth noting the cost, as it is with much of Alienware's gaming hardware. The price of our review model is $1,149.99. This is a reasonable amount of money, but it's also at the high end of the pricing range: you can get the same superb laptop with a 3050 Ti for $1,379.99 and customize the design from there if you like. Everything will be determined by what you want it to accomplish at the end of the day, ranging from casual to heavy gaming and everything in between.

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