This week, ChromeOS 104 will be released with a new dark theme and the ability to switch to a darker theme. ChromeOS 104 is the first version of the operating system to include a dark mode setting, which has become increasingly popular in other Google products.

ChromeOS 104 Is Coming With A New Dark Theme

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Things seem “bright and airy” because of a new “dark theme,” Google noted in a blog post on the new dark theme, which alters both the UI and background.

To make it easier to view your screen in low light, ChromeOS's software only included a “Night Light” feature. A “auto” feature in ChromeOS 104 may automatically convert between bright and dark themes according to the time of day, with corresponding wallpaper options that can softly vary with the color changes.

ChromeOS 104's display theme may be changed by following these steps:


  • Go to Settings.
  • Customization is an option.
  • Select It’s time to decorate!
  • Select the mode that best suits your needs.
  • With two fingers on your touchpad, you can access the Wallpaper & Style settings from the home screen.

Google Photos and Themed Wallpapers

A new wallpaper picker has been added to the Personalization area. You can now use your favorite family photo as your wallpaper directly from your Google Photos collection, thanks to a new feature.

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Other wallpaper galleries, such as Radiance and Element, provide wallpapers that may be customized to match the bright or dark theme of your mobile device, as well. The Radiance collection is my favorite thus far, as shown in the image below.


You now have the ability to employ any of your Google Photos albums as a slideshow for your screensaver, which is useful in the event that you would want to add a little bit additional.

You have the option of selecting pictures from the same album to display in the new picture frames that show your family photographs in an animated and entertaining way.

Notable additions

chrome os 104 4

In addition, Google is improving the calendar integration on the Chromebook shelf by providing a pop-up calendar anytime you press on the date. There is a real-time calendar included in this pop-up. On the dates where you've added events, tapping the dots brings up further information about that event.

Finally, the Gallery app, which is now ChromeOS' default media app, can now open PDFs. Annotation mode, form filling, text highlighting, and document signing are all possible when a PDF document is opened.

chrome os 104 4

The addition of dark mode for all users in ChromeOS 104 excites me much. I really like the new backgrounds and the integration of Google Photos in the Personalization Hub, which I use frequently. Virtual Desks enhancements are another something I'm looking forward to in the upcoming edition.

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