Google has revealed early access to Chrome OS Flex, a new version of Chrome OS. The latest version of Chrome OS, which is aimed at companies and schools, can work on outdated PCs and Macs. According to Google's blog post, the operating system may be deployed “in minutes.”

Chrome OS Flex, according to Google, will have the same look and feel as Chrome OS on a Chromebook since it is based on the same code base and follows the same “release cycle.” Some functionality may be depending on the hardware of the PC you're using, though.

It stated this for every function I inquired about, including Google Assistant's always-on mode and Android phone synchronization. So, if you're going to give it a shot, bear this in mind.

This isn't the first time ChromeOS has appeared on devices it wasn't designed for. Neverware, which formerly provided a program called CloudReady that allowed customers to turn obsolete PCs into ChromeOS computers, was recently purchased by Google. This sparked curiosity about Chrome OS's future on PCs and where it may appear next.

“We've been hard at work incorporating the benefits of CloudReady into a new version of ChromeOS,” Google said of the purchase. This looks to be the initial move taken by Google.

You can read more about ChromeOS Flex on the Chrome Enterprise website if you want to give it a try. It's worth noting that the OS is currently in early access mode, so you can run into glitches – you can boot it directly from a USB drive if you'd prefer play around with it before installing it.

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