Every smartphone user needs applications that help him facilitate his life, accomplish his work and make the most of his phone, and there are a group of the best useful Android apps that every user should install when buying a new phone.

They are also indispensable applications for any user of Android phones and devices, and in light of With more than 3.57 million Android apps available on Google Play Store, See more ( Gamefid )

The user finds it difficult to access the best and indispensable Android applications.

Android apps : 1- Google Keep

Despite the availability of many distinguished note-keeping applications for Android users, Google Keep is one of the best Android applications that are indispensable when buying a new smartphone, as it is characterized by simplicity with all the features that the user needs to save notes and ideas.

Google Keep :

Through the Keep application, Android users can write text notes or create a daily list of tasks with the ability to add a picture or record notes, ideas and tasks audio, and they can also record ideas and notes through drawing, with the ability to specify a time or geographical place to remind tasks, and the application also allows adding For the Chrome browser for computers to save web pages with one click, and view them through the phone.

Android apps : 2- Pocket :


The Pocket application for Android users not only provides for saving articles and web pages for reading later without the Internet, but also provides a view of articles that is comfortable to the eye and easier to read, with the ability to control the font size and background of the text and the ability to listen to articles audio (supports English only).

And through an addition to the Chrome browser for computers, the user can save articles and web pages to read them later with one click, with the ability to categorize articles by tags, in addition to the ability to see what friends read and the most popular articles, which makes the application indispensable when Buying a new Android phone.

Android apps : 3- Snapseed :


If you buy a new Android phone, you definitely need an application to edit photos, and Snapseed is one of the best Android applications that you can rely on. Control white balance, background blur, remove blemishes from photos, people, and unwanted objects, as well as edit RAW images.

Snapseed also allows the application to add a frame to photos or apply effects to them, with the ability to share photos after modification through various social networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Android apps : 4- LastPass:

LastPass provides users with a secure vault to store passwords and credit card data, in addition to generating strong passwords, then the user can automatically log in to different applications and websites without having to type in the password every time.


LastPass, one of the best Android apps that is indispensable when buying a new phone, provides the user with the ability to save fingerprints, in addition to supporting two-step verification to increase the security of accounts, in addition to the ability to share passwords safely and many other advantages, and the application also provides periodic suggestions To change passwords every period of time, and with free sync support, passwords from any device are instantly available on all other devices like computers.

Android apps : 5- Your Phone Companion:

Your Phone Companion

If you are a Windows 10 user, the Your Phone Companion application, which is available for free for Android users, allows you to get phone alerts directly through your computer, in addition to viewing and responding to messages, as well as the ability to view photos and videos available on your phone through your computer. Directly, Microsoft said that a new update is coming to the application that will enable users to make and answer phone calls through the computer directly.

Android apps : 6- TuneIn:


It is an application that allows Android users to play and listen to radio stations from different countries around the world, including local radio stations, without the need to support the phone to play FM radio.

Through the application, you can access more than 100,000 radio and FM radio stations worldwide, including: This includes music stations, sports stations and independent radio stations. In addition to phones, the app supports smart speakers such as Google's Nest Home and Amazon's Echo headphones.

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