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Atlas VPN Review
Great VPN Service
Atlas VPN
We Like :
  • WireGuard download speeds are excellent.
  • Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Disney Plus are all unblocked.
  • Exceptionally low prices
  • There are no limits on the number of connections that can be made
We Don't Like :
  • Doesn't allow access to the United States Netflix
  • Issues with the kill switch
Bottom Line:

Atlas VPN is the only new-decade service to gain so much attention. So far, this one looks promising. Despite being new to the sector, offering 90-day access to internet users worldwide is a fantastic gesture. We enjoyed testing the service. You? Like Atlas VPN? Discuss.

If you're looking for a reliable and affordable VPN service, Atlas VPN is a great option. With over 1,000 servers in 33 countries, Atlas VPN is perfect for streaming or browsing the internet securely. Plus, their simple and easy-to-use software makes connecting to the VPN quick and easy. Check out our full review of AtlasVPN to learn more.

Atlas VPN Introduction :

The word VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through an intermediary server in another country, making it appear as if you are browsing from that location. VPNs provide a number of benefits to users, including:

  • Protection from hackers and other malicious actors on public Wi-Fi networks.
  • Access to geo-restricted content like Netflix US or BBC iPlayer.
  • Unblocking websites and applications like Facebook or Twitter, which may be blocked by local ISPs or governments.
Atlas VPN Review
Atlas VPN Review
Atlas VPN Review

Atlas VPN: Plans

AtlasVPN is a new Virtual Private Network company that has made waves in the industry with its affordable pricing plans, quality customer service, and reliable software.

Atlas VPN is a new VPN provider that has been making waves in the industry. They offer a wide range of features and a very competitive pricing structure. Their service is available for both desktop and mobile devices, which makes it perfect for those who want to stream on the go.


AtlasVPN also offers an excellent customer service, which allows them to provide timely assistance to their customers. They have live chat support, as well as ticketing systems for those who need assistance but can't find someone online at the time of inquiry.

Atlas VPN: Privacy

atlas vpn
atlas vpn review

We offer the privacy basics and more: WireGuard support, AES-256 encryption, and a kill switch. We also offer a private DNS system to boost your security even further.

Features like rotating IP addresses and ad/tracker blockers help establish a high level of privacy protection.

It's a little bit hard to get a good impression of a company in the first few minutes of browsing their website. It's not clear which cookies are being tracked, for example: You are opted in by default to receive marketing emails, but you can opt out if you change your profile. The privacy policy also includes information on different privacy protections & tracking cookies.


Atlas VPN Review
atlas vpn review

There are a lot of VPN service providers out there, but not all of them offer the same level of security. ATLAS VPN is one of the most secure VPNs on the market, thanks to its military grade encryption and advanced security protocols.

With ATLAS VPN, you can be sure that your data is safe from hackers, snoopers, and other online threats. In addition, ATLAS VPN offers a wealth of features that make it perfect for anyone who values their privacy and security online.

Whether you're concerned about online identity theft or simply want to keep your browsing history private, ATLAS VPN is the perfect solution.

Atlas VPN: Logging

At Atlas VPN, we are committed to your privacy. We don't monitor the details about what you do on our network so you can be safe in the knowledge that no-one will see what you are doing when connected.

In our privacy policy, we mention that Atlas VPN collects some device data, including device type, model, time zone and location. We want to be honest about what information we collect and why.

It's worth mentioning that you can use attribution analytics to track installation sources and traffic sources. This will allow you to measure the performance of marketing/advertising campaigns for your business.

All results are confidential, so it's hard to be sure if Atlas VPN logs anything. However, there are enough data that may be used to build up a profile of you – including what type of device you're using.

when it comes to the amount of data and information they store and use. And as Atlas VPN hasn't had its no-logging policy audited, there's nothing independent to confirm if they're living up to the promises they make.

Atlas VPN: Mobile apps

Atlas VPN Review
atlas vpn review

The desktop VPN app on Android typically has more features, but not here. Here Atlas VPN wins out on the desktop & mobile platforms with some additional features

Atlas VPN is a VPN service that provides a secure and private connection to the Internet for its users. The company offers both desktop and mobile apps for all major operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

The Atlas VPN app has been designed with simplicity in mind. The app's interface is straightforward and can be used by anyone without any prior knowledge of how a VPN works.

The Atlas Mobile app also has some unique features not found in other desktop VPN apps. For instance, it comes with an “Always on” mode that allows the user to stay connected to the internet without having to manually connect every time they want to go online.

The Atlas VPN iOS app improves on the Windows client by providing intuitively sorted locations, data breach monitor options, and tracker blocking. Still missing some features like WireGuard support or a kill switch that would make it even more secure.

Atlas VPN Customer Support!

Here at Atlas VPN, we understand that the internet can be a confusing place. That's why we're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible support. Whether you're having trouble connecting to a server or just have a question about how our service works, our team is always here to help.

They offer 24/7 live chat support so you can always get the assistance you need, when you need it. And because we believe that everyone should have access to a free and secure internet, They offer our service free of charge. So if you're looking for a reliable VPN provider with great customer support, look no further than Atlas VPN!

Is Atlas VPN worth getting?

In a word: yes. Atlas VPN is a fast, reliable, and affordable VPN service that ticks all the boxes when it comes to features and security. With Atlas VPN servers in over 30 countries, Atlas VPN has you covered no matter where you are in the world.

And with military grade encryption and a strict no logs policy, you can be sure that your data is safe and secure. On top of that, Atlas VPN is incredibly easy to use, with a one-click connect button and a user-friendly interface.

So if you're looking for a VPN provider that ticks all the boxes, Atlas VPN is definitely worth considering.

Are you completely anonymous online with a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a tool that can be used to encrypt your online traffic and route it through a server in another location. This has a number of benefits, including increased privacy and security.

However, it's important to understand that a VPN does not make you completely anonymous online. Your traffic is still routed through your ISP, which means they can see that you're using a VPN.

In addition, the VPN itself can keep logs of your activity. So while a VPN can provide some degree of anonymity, it's not a perfect solution. If you're looking for true anonymity, you'll need to take additional steps, such as using a proxy server or TOR.


Looking for a free VPN? Look no further than Atlas VPN! Our VPN service is completely free to use, and provides a safe and secure way to browse the internet.

We don't log your activity or store any of your data, so you can be sure that your online activity is completely private. We also have a strict no-logs policy, so you can be confident that your information is safe with us.

In addition, our VPN is fast and easy to use, so you can get started right away. So what are you waiting for? Try Atlas VPN today!

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