Microsoft Teams may now be used on Apple Silicon Macs with little configuration. In comparison to the simulated version for Intel-based Macs, Microsoft Last week announced that the new native Teams client will begin rolling out to customers with M1 or M2 Macs.

In order to support the complete Mac family, including those with Apple chips, we are releasing a production-grade universal binary version of Teams.” Microsoft Last week announced a major performance gain for Mac users, assuring effective use of device resources and an improved Teams experience even when utilizing several high-resolution displays during calls or meetings.

As of November 2020, Microsoft's Office suite has been optimized for Apple Silicon Macs, but a native version of Microsoft Teams has been one of the most-requested features ever since. Microsoft advised users not to download a beta version of the program that was leaked in April.

Despite Microsoft's efforts to make Teams more power efficient (particularly during meetings), the program is still a renowned resource eater on the desktop. Microsoft's intention to bring the “Teams 2.0” architecture that's now available to consumers to corporate customers has failed to materialize with Microsoft Teams.


The new native Teams client for Apple Silicon Mac appears to be unavailable for manual download at the time of this writing, so you'll have to wait. In the next months, “theThe generally available version of the native Teams app on Mac with Apple silicon is being rolled out to customers in increments over the coming months,” the company stated Last week.

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