According to analyst Mark Gurman's most recent reports, Apple is still working on the M2 and M2 Pro CPUs for the Mac mini.

Apple had originally planned to sell a new Mac mini with the M1 Pro processing chip later this year, according to prior rumors, but this version was scrapped by the company.

New leaks from “9to5Mac” have verified that Apple is working on a new Mac mini with the new Apple chipsets M2 and M2 Pro, which is a new development for Apple.

Apple has released new Mac minis with a model number J473 for the distinguished version, which is powered by an M2 CPU, and a J474 for the M2 Pro Max version, which is powered by an 8-core processor for performance and a 4-core processor to maximize efficiency.


However, according to the leak's source, the Mac mini will not have access to Apple's M2 Max or Ultra processors, which are exclusively available in the Mac Pro.

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