‘downvote' button on Twitter : A new feature greeted Zach Bowders when he opened his Twitter app on Friday morning: a small “downvote” arrow to the right of the “like” button.
Bowders, a Memphis-based data analyst, says he was frightened. Is it possible that his downvote will be made public? Would the author of the tweet be able to view it? He clicked tentatively, and the program informed him that his downvote was completely anonymous. According to the message, he'd see fewer comments like the one he'd just downvoted in the future.

Bowders stated, “It rubbed me the wrong way in a lot of ways.” “We're continuing to restrict our view of the world.” “All we're doing is fabricating a story.”

Twitter is gaining its own “dislike” button for replies or comments in reaction to original tweets, similar to Reddit and YouTube. The function, which was revealed in July, began rolling out globally on Thursday night, according to the business.

And, as with previous Twitter updates, the reaction has been varied. Some see the button as a method to stop abuse, trolling, and spreading false information. Others, such as Bowders, are concerned that Twitter is handing over content management to its users, making it simpler for people to mute and avoid opposing viewpoints.


This is the most recent Twitter update aimed at content moderation issues. In November, the business tightened its policies to make it illegal to share images of people without their permission unless it's in the public interest.

Some neo-Nazis and far-right activists took advantage of the regulation to report images that revealed their identities, while anti-extremism experts were bombarded with false claims. Hate speech and abuse have long been a concern on the platform, especially in its new audio chat rooms.

Twitter spokeswoman Celeste Carswell stated, “We're continuously looking for innovative ways to boost healthy involvement and engagement on Twitter.” “We're currently in the early stages of this trial and want to learn more about how Reply Downvoting could help us better surface the most relevant information for Twitter users in the future.”

Carswell did not react to queries about how the firm plans to utilize downvotes to influence what content users view, but she did say that downvotes will not affect the order in which responses appear for the time being.

The downvote option isn't visible to everyone yet, but it appears to be available to a rising number of US accounts.

Tap the downward-facing arrow below a tweet to downvote it. Twitter claims that in the future, you'll see less similar tweets, although it's unclear what that means or how the business will evaluate what makes two tweets similar. The author of the tweet will not see your downvote, and you will not be aware of any downvotes on your own tweets.

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