The iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone brands in the world and has a large market share in many countries. If you are an iPhone user, you might be looking for some free video editing apps to help you edit your videos on the go.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 5 free video editing apps for iPhone that are available on the App Store.

1) FilmoraGo Video Editing for iPhone

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The app has a lot of features that make it easy to edit your videos. It has the ability to cut, delete, and add clips from your video. It also has the ability to trim, crop, and rotate clips. You can also use it to change the speed of your video and add filters for special effects. FilmoraGo also allows you to overlay text on top of your video for captions or subtitles.

The app is free and you can download it from the App Store or from Google Play.

2) Filmmaker Pro Video Editing for iPhone

Filmmaker Pro
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Filmmaker Pro is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone. This app is primarily aimed at consumers but (as the name suggests) comes with some great professional features as well, including 30 filters and 17 transitions.

You also get great green screen support, nearly 200 different text paths, and some advanced tools like chroma key.

Recent improvements in the March 2021 update include the ability to delete clips directly from the timeline by long pressing and swiping; Adjust layers and duration of image clips in 0.1-second increments; And trim videos to 0.5 seconds.

Like many of the apps on this list, Filmmaker Pro is free to download, but you won't get the full feature set and you'll have watermarks on the videos as well.

3) iMovie Video Editing for iPhone

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If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use iMovie, as it is automatically built into your devices.

This consumer app is far from being a professional tool like LumaFusion or Kinemaster. But if you are a beginner who wants to get started with video editing and adding text, music, voice overs and images to it, it has everything you need.

iMovie supports 4K resolution on modern devices and, as you'd expect, integrates beautifully with Apple's ecosystem as a whole.

For example, you can save your clips to iCloud or stream them to Apple TV via AirPlay, and it all works fine with Apple Photos, Mail, and Messages, too.

4) Avid Studio Video Editing for iPhone

Avid Studio
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Avid Studio is a video editing app for iPhone. The app has features like slow motion and time lapse, which are not available in many other apps. It also has a trimming feature that allows you to edit videos by selecting the start and end points of the clip.

Avid Studio is an app that can be used to edit videos on your iPhone. The app has features like slow motion and time lapse, which are not available in most other apps. It also has a trimming feature that allows you to edit clips by selecting the start and end points of the clip.

5) Adobe Premiere Rush Video Editing apps for iPhone

Adobe Premiere Rush
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Aimed directly at YouTube creators, Premiere Rush is a video editing app that's much easier to use than Adobe's more sophisticated desktop tools like Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition.

Premiere Rush focuses on making it easy to quickly process your clips and upload them to social media.

For example, it automatically converts videos to the specific aspect ratios and quality levels that each platform requires.

The interface of the app is nice and simple with large icons, making it very handy for video editing tasks, such as dragging and dropping shots onto the timeline, color correction, mixing music or voiceover, or adding texts and transitions.

There is a 1 minute tutorial when you first open the app, but in fact, the app is very easy to use and you may not need the clip, which makes it one of the best video editing apps for beginners.

6) Quik Video Editing for iPhone

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Quik is the new name for the official GoPro app, which was rebranded in March of this year with a new look, integrating music sync editing tools for the original Quik app.

This video editing app focuses on two main things: letting you control your GoPro remotely, and editing GoPro footage.

It imports action shots automatically, and makes it easy to do things like sync clips to music, add images, text, and time-lapse sequences, and embed graphs based on stats.

This app is free, but with in-app purchases you get additional themes and filters, as well as the ability to automatically upload photos and videos to the cloud.

7) LumaFusion Video Editing for iPhone

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LumaFusion is an iOS app commonly used by journalists, filmmakers, and video producers to capture and edit video on the go.

Produced by the developers of Pinnacle Studio; This iPhone and iPad app also gives you six video/audio tracks for photos, videos, text and graphics, along with six additional audio tracks for music and sound effects.

The interface is very similar to Final Cut Pro X. One of LumaFusion's most impressive features is that any effect can be placed with a keyframe, allowing for precise adjustments to your project.

Other advanced tools include color correction, audio mixing, lossless export, vertical video support, advanced text creation tools, and slow motion/fast motion (forward and backward).

Once done, there are endless sharing and export options. For example, you can export with different resolutions, quality, and frame rates, as well as export audio and video separately.

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