Is it possible to capture your iPhone's screen? It used to be tough, but with the introduction of iOS 11, Apple included a built-in screen recorder. However, this program only has a few functions that won't enough if you want to screen capture iPhone video for professional movies or lessons, or maybe you want to record iPhone screen with audio.

If you want to capture your iPhone's screen, you'll need the right software. Here are 5 iPhone screen recording software to help you record the screen on your iPhone.

What is the best way to record the screen on the iPhone without software?

You may easily record the iPhone screen and picture everything that happens within your iPhone without having to utilize any other tools by following the instructions below:

  • Go to settings on the phone
  • Then go to Control Center
  • And click the Add button next to Screen Recording
  • After that, open the iPhone Control Center again
  • Then touch and hold the record button, it will be greyed out
  • To record audio, click on the mic below
  • Then click on start recording

After three seconds, the screen recorder for iPhone will begin recording the iPhone screen footage.


1- Screen Recorder for iPhone

Screen Recorder for iPhone
Screen Recorder for iPhone

Many people are seeking for a screen recorder for their iPhone, and Screen Recorder for iPhone is it. Why? Because it is a flexible program that includes many professional features and tools that will assist you when recording the iPhone screen, and you can record anything that happens on the iPhone screen, audio and video, for free, with just one click.

And, thanks to the powerful editing tools that you will find, the program is not only a screen recorder for the iPhone, but also a video editing and editing program for the iPhone, thanks to the ability to trim and cut the video and add filters, as well as the ability to manipulate the sound and the speed of recording playback. What makes Screen Recorder for iPhone unique is that you can easily capture your voice and subsequently add it to your recordings or movies.

2- Screen Recorder+

Screen Recorder+
Screen Recorder+

Screen Recorder Plus is a multi-purpose iOS game recorder, film maker, and iPhone screen recorder that allows you to record anything that happens within your smartphone in excellent quality. Video editing capabilities are available, as well as a Face cam tool for creating videos from the action. Furthermore, the program has a voice recorder that allows you to add narration to recordings to make them more engaging.

3- TechSmith Capture (Best iPhone Screen Recording)

TechSmith Capture
TechSmith Capture

How can I record a video of the iPhone's screen? TechSmith Capture, one of the finest screen capture video tools for iPhone in 2022, has the solution. Free screen recording in high quality and resolution is possible with this software. You may also record your screen using basic navigation and a few simple steps, and then transfer your movies to the same developer's Camtasia video editing program for rapid editing and video editing.

4- Screen Recorder,Screen Capture

Screen Recorder,Screen Capture
Screen Recorder,Screen Capture

This is the greatest app for high-quality iPhone screen recording and subsequent video editing. Basically, the software is designed for screen capture and video games on iOS, but it's also a terrific tool for generating instructive films and a flexible editor, and you can browse simply and utilize its professional capabilities thanks to its smooth interface.

5- Screen Recorder Z

Screen Recorder Z
Screen Recorder Z

Screen Recorder Z is an iPhone screen recorder that can also record high-quality live broadcasts for free. With only a few clicks, you can record screen audio and image, edit it, make comments, and share it with others. You can even add Facecam responses to your recordings and personalize them professionally.


Finally, these are the top free iPhone screen recording and video tools that will allow you to capture the iPhone screen with excellent precision and clarity.

Some of these apps not only record the iPhone screen, but also feature sophisticated editing and montage capabilities for modifying the recordings before sharing or posting them to the internet.

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