Thanks to the MCU and now the DCEU making inroads in Hollywood, comics are more popular than ever. This has brought some of the previous century's most interesting and complicated personalities into the spotlight. Consider the Punisher, Batman, and Gotham's clown prince.

Free Comics Read

Best Free Comics Read Apps

When it comes to reading comic books, I prefer tablets over smartphones. It allows me to read and examine art on a larger screen without having to zoom in and out excessively. With that thought in mind, here are some of the Best Free Comics Read Apps for Android and Ios, in no particular order.

Comics by comiXology:

Comics by comiXology

ComiXology was purchased by Amazon in 2014, and now anyone who shops on Amazon may utilize the service. The company has the most extensive library of titles from nearly every publisher – including Marvel, DC, Image, and Boom Studios – as well as the ability to set up a “Pull List” (automatically purchasing each issue of your favorite titles). It also offers free content, original titles exclusive to the platform, and a $5.99 per month subscription service.

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Marvel Unlimited:

Marvel Unlimited

If keeping up with the latest Marvel Universe adventures isn't a high priority for you, Marvel Unlimited could be a good fit. It's a terrific chance to catch up on the histories of Spider-Man, Black Panther, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avengers, Hulk, Iron Man, and many, many more, with an archive of 27,000+ comics from the publisher's 80+ years. It also employs a panel layout similar to that of comiXology, termed “Smart View,” which allows users to swipe among panels on their phones or view the entire page on a tablet or desktop browser. However, the cost is high – roughly the same as a Netflix subscription – and you can only download a maximum of 12 titles for offline reading.

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Dark Horse Comics:

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse's past archive includes far more than Hellboy, as proven by its dedicated app. Along with Mike Mignola's famed paranormal skull-cracker, there's revolutionary work like the original The Mask, hard sci-fi like The Massive and video game adaption EVE, superheroes (both genuine and deconstructions), and even a slew of manga, like the legendary Astro Boy. As a result, it supports both left-to-right and right-to-left progression as a comics reader, covering both western and manga comics, and features an intelligent panel-zoom option that virtually rivals comiXology's in terms of performance. Regrettably, some geographical restrictions on particular content (typically on Dark Horse-licensed rather than self-created publications) may not be obvious until after a series has already piqued your interest.

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Astonishing Comic Reader:

Astonishing Comic Reader

Astonishing Comic Reader is essentially a comic book ereader. This software does not allow you to purchase comic books. Other applications, on the other hand, may be used to read the comics you've previously downloaded. You can also use the service to upload your collection for convenient synchronization between devices. It supports Chromecast, allowing you to read comics on your TV. There's also a manga mode if you prefer that style of comic. It can read and write CBZ and CBR files. It's one of the more impressive comic book applications available.

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DC Comics:

DC Comics

DC Comics is the official app for DC Comics' comic books. Because the two applications are integrated, it operates similarly to Comixology. We believe this is a reasonable decision since otherwise, you'd be recreating the wheel. In any way, if you like, you may integrate your Comixology account. The app contains a large collection of DC Comics, containing almost every hero you've heard of. The app appears to be the same price as Comixology, so there's that. For DC aficionados, it's a fantastic tiny comic reader.

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Our Verdict :

If you decide to subscribe to Comics by ComiXology, you'll be able to download some of the most popular and well known comic stories. You'll also become a part of the largest digital community for comic book lovers, creators, and enthusiasts.

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